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What is the Windows API? What is Windows.h?


What is the Windows API as a concept? For new coders it's not very transparent. Learn more here: 🤍 We hope this quick overview will help you get started. This will fit perfectly in with the Game Hacking Bible, right before we start coding our first hack. What is the Windows API? The Windows API is the programming interface provided by Microsoft for interaction with the Windows operating system. It's a series of header files which expose exported DLL functions to the programmer. These header files are called the Windows SDK. So what is Windows.h? This is a file that includes all the basic Windows SDK files you need for a typical Windows application. Many people ask "how much of the Windows API do I need to learn"? And the truth is, you only need to learn 1 thing at a time as you need it. After 6-12 months you'll have a holistic idea of what Windows programming is all about and you won't be confused anymore. At that point whenever you need to do something knew, you just search it up on MSDN or Google and find the API you need. Support us on GH: 🤍 Support us on Patreon: 🤍 Support us on YT: 🤍 Follow us on Facebook : 🤍 Follow us on Twitter : 🤍 Follow us on Twitch : 🤍 Follow us on Reddit : 🤍 Follow us on GitHub : 🤍 Follow us on Instagram : 🤍 What is Windows.h What is the Windows API guidedhacking what is an api what is the windows api what is the win32 api winapi c windows api what is windows.h windowsapi win32 api tutorial windows internals what is an api? windows.h c c windows.h api tutorial windows nt what is a api? windows api c c winapi win api #windows #computerprogramming #computerscience

What is the process of creating a Windows API? | One Dev Question with Larry Osterman


Larry 🤍osterman tells us how new APIs for #Windows10 are designed to avoid some of the issues of the past.

На что обратить внимание при изучении WIN API


Станьте спонсором канала, и вы получите доступ к эксклюзивным бонусам. Подробнее: 🤍

Creating a Window using C++ and Win32 | Tutorial


This is a video tutorial on the simplest way to create and manage a Window in C using the Win32 API. If you have any questions then leave them in the comments and I will do my best to help you out! All window styles: 🤍 Hope it was helpful! / Hugo

What is an API? (Application Programming Interface)


APIs do lots of important tasks behind the scenes in everything from graphics rendering to booking flights. But what exactly are they, and how do they work? Thanks to Braintree for supporting our channel. To learn more, and for your first $50,000 in transactions fee-free, go to 🤍 Follow: 🤍 Join the community: 🤍

Windows API Hooking - Hide Process from Task Manager tutorial


Beginning our series on the PE File Format we will be showing how you can hook Windows API functions to hide your process from task manager, we will be doing it in this example by injecting a DLL into Task Manager. You will learn some different APIs that haven't been touched on in other videos and learn some things about the PE Header. How we do it: -Parse the PE Header -Parse the import table -Find ntdll.dll -Find the address of NtQuerySystemInformation -Perform an import address table Hook on NtQuerySystemInformation -Make it skip over our process when it's found Download full source and more 🤍 🤍 In this Windows API Hooking - Hide Process from Task Manager tutorial you will learn how to use a fundamental and advanced hacking technique in order to hide processes from task manager. Windows API hooking is a process being allowed to intercept API functions calls. Having access to a process gives you control over the operating system or software and how it behaves. Being able to hook is an elite techniques and has been used by many hackers. Nation state hackers, black hat hackers, penetration testing professionals, and game hackers, use API hooks all the time, there are two types of hooks local hooks which only influence specific applications, and global hooks which affect all system process. C hooking is a great way to reach the low level computer Architecture of the Windows operating system. This how to hide processes from task manager tutorial will learn how to use elite and advanced Windows API functions such as, GetModuleHandle(), GetModuleInformation(), DllMain, and GetProcAddress(). These functions are fundamental in api hooking and the bread and butter of every windows hooking hacking code. In this Windows api hooking tutorial you will learn how to: . Hook Windows processes . Elite and advanced Windows API functions . Elite and advanced C hooking programming techniques . How to hide processes from task manager And much much more. Once you’ve completed this C hooking tutorial you will be well on your way to becoming and elite and experienced computer hacker. The techniques learnt in this tutorial can be applied to even more advanced hook hacks and code injection techniques. Guided Hacking hopes you enjoyed this how to hide process tutorial and you continue on your computer hacking journey. Please share this how to hide process form task manager tutorial with any one who you know is on their game hacking journey. 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

HOW Win32 Apps Are Made in C


VLOG 160 - This is the 3rd instalment of the series where we build the same application on different platforms, using different technologies. Today, we do the toughest one - the Win32 app from scratch in C using just the Windows API.

[1] Уроки по WinAPI?! - Создание окна.


Спасибки за просмотр!). - GitHub: 🤍 - Мотивация и печеньки..: 🤍 - Ссылка на канал толкового человека(Уроки WinAPI, C/C): 🤍

Are there Secret Microsoft APIs in Windows 10?


Does Microsoft Windows contain secret, undocumented APIs, and if so, why and what do they do?

Windows Native API - Roger Orr [ACCU 2019]


#Cpp #ACCUConf #Windows Many programmers are familiar with the Windows "Win32" API that provides access to a large variety of services, from user interface to memory management; but far fewer have much idea about the Windows "Native" API which is the mechanism used to access the operating system services located in the kernel. While it is rare to need to use these services directly (since the Win32 API provides a richer, better supported, and documented interface) it can be very useful to have some understanding of what is going on 'under the covers' inside this API. I will look at the Native API from the application programmer’s point of view and will also touch on how Microsoft provides a 32bit subsystem in the 64bit version of Windows. I hope this session will be of interest to all those who like to know more about how things work! - Roger has many years of experience in IT, using a variety of languages and platforms, working for a number of different companies over the years, mostly in the financial sector. His recent work has mostly been in C, on both Windows and Linux. Roger has been a member of ACCU since 1999; he’s on the ACCU committee, the ACCU conference committee, the Overload review team, and runs the Code Critique section of CVu. He also writes the occasional article for CVu and Overload. He is chair of the UK C panel and a member of the 'Direction Group' which recommends priorities for the ISO C standardisation committee. - Future Conferences: ACCU 2019 Autumn Conference, Belfast (UK): 2019-11-11 and 2019-11-12. ACCU 2020 Spring Conference, Bristol (UK), Marriott City Centre: 2020-03-24 to 2020-03-28. - ACCU Website: 🤍 ACCU Conference Website: ACCU Twitter: 🤍ACCUConf ACCU YouTube: 🤍 Filmed and Edited by Digital Medium Ltd - Contact: events🤍

Should I Learn Win32 API?


Should I learn Win32 API? In theory, it teaches you a lot about how Windows works at its most basic level. Like Basic and Visual Basic. No, those are obsolete programming languages except for - and that's Microsoft's, too. I've heard that .Net is based on Win32. You should learn Win32 API if you want to be the person who can explain the inexplicable Windows error messages. I don't want to try to decode a blue screen of death. Telling people to hit restart should be good enough. Learning Win32 is like learning an assembly language. For 99% of programmers, it improves their knowledge of the system but it doesn't affect their day to day work much. At least if you know assembly language, you can get paid to program medical pumps, electric smart meters, health monitors and other devices. That's a job in and of itself. In some ways, C replaced the need to learn the API. But if you know the API, there are things you can do with the Win32 API you absolutely can't do with C. That's like being the one programmer who can fix the hardware problem. There are jokes about software programmers trying to solve everything via software code, instead of plugging in the hardware they need. It sounds like there isn't much use of learning Win32 API. If I only have so much time, I could put it into getting better with the tool set. Yet Windows Forms and WPF are based on Win32 API. Learning the API improves your understanding of those, too. I think I'll end up working in C. Using the Win32 API can result in small and thus faster C and C programs. What about Objective C? That's the purview of the Cult of Apple. We're not going there.

Rust for Windows 0.10 - Release Radar


Rust for Windows v0.9 has recently been released and includes full consumption support, along with several other updates! With completed consumption support, you can now call any Windows APIs (past, present, and future) using the Rust language projection. Rust developers have access to the entire Windows API surface in a language-idiomatic way, allowing them to easily take advantage of the power and breadth of Windows development. 🤍

C언어 윈도우 프로그래밍의 시작. WIN32 API가 뭐에요? C언어로 윈도우 프로그램을 만들어 봅시다.


자동화장비 개발을 위한 채널입니다. 기구설계 / 제작 전장설계 / 제작 PLC / Micro Controller / PC / 아두이노를 활용해 실제 자동화 장비를 만들어 볼겁니다. 자료는 하기 카페에서 모으고 있습니다. 🤍 오프닝 Song: DEAF KEV - Invincible [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds Free Download/Stream: 🤍 Watch: 🤍 아웃트로 Song: Itro & Tobu - Cloud 9 [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds Free Download/Stream: 🤍 Watch: 🤍

Malware Development in C | Executing Shellcode using WinAPI


Hello everyone! I am back again with a new video on the malware development series, today we have a look at how we can execute shellcode using Win32 API, We start out by discussing the theory part and then move on to the practical part where we code the malware (PS. Note that the source code will soon be uploaded and the link would be there in the description) Hope you enjoy the video! Make sure to leave a like and subscribe to the channel! Resources : MSDN : 🤍 VirtualAlloc Function MSDN : 🤍 CreateThread MSDN : 🤍 RtlMoveMemory MSDN : 🤍 Socials: Twitter : 🤍 GitHub : 🤍 Note: All videos and tutorials are for informational and educational purposes only. I believe that ethical hacking, information security, and cybersecurity should be familiar subjects to anyone using digital information and computers. We believe that it is impossible to defend yourself from hackers without knowing how hacking is done. The tutorials and videos provided on this channel are only for those interested in learning about Ethical Hacking, Security, and Penetration Testing. Hacking tutorials are against the misuse of the information and we strongly suggest against it. Please regard the word hacking as ethical hacking or penetration testing every time this word is used.

WinAPIの基本を解説【C++】 part1


#7:07 動画作成欲求が治まったので また、いつか投稿します C++基礎解説動画 part1:sm31667371 part2:sm31783520 part3:sm31820765 part4:sm31854271 part5:sm31894653 part6:sm32093717 part7:sm32107842 part8:sm32644557 part9:sm32652591 part10:sm32672837 part11 : sm33859172 part12:sm33872531 part13:sm33908192 part14:sm33933954 part15:sm34075109 part16:sm34086802 part17:sm34093892 part18:sm35047227 part19:sm35240481 part20:sm35240481 part21:sm35276282 mylist→mylist/59798089 Twitter→🤍raten1783  次→sm39898260

Linguagem C/C++ - Janela com API do Windows


Código GitHub: 🤍 #linguagem c #c #winapi #win32api #windows #qt

Уроки C# – WinAPI + свой контрол (2 в 1)


Донаты ➜ 🤍 Эксклюзив для спонсоров ➜ 🤍 Если недоступна спонсорка ➜ 🤍 #Уроки #WinAPI #WindowsAPI

One Core API: Современные приложения в Windows XP?


Когда вы интересуетесь какой-либо программой, вы вероятно сразу же хотите найти её системные требования. Если прекращается поддержка какой-либо версии ОС, то создатели своих программ постепенно прекращают эту версию поддерживать. Но один энтузиаст, видимо, так не считает: в этом видео мы рассмотрим такую интересную на мой взгляд вещь как One Core API, пошагово установим, протестируем и рассмотрим её нюансы. 💵 Поддержать (способы поддержки канала): 🤍 Telegram: 🤍 VK: 🤍 VK Group: 🤍 🔥 One Core API Binaries и One Core API в GitHub: 🤍 🤍 В видео была протестирована версия One Core API 2.8.1 🎦 Все материалы предоставлены исключительно в ознакомительных и/или образовательных целях! [❗ Ваше мнение может не совпадать с мнением автора ❗] ⌚ Таймкоды: 0:00 - Начальная заставка 0:05 - Вступление 0:40 - Что мы будем делать в этом видео? 0:50 - Краткий рассказ о One Core API 2:22 - Установка One Core API 3:20 - Тестирование программ 9:05 - Минусы и нюансы One Core API 9:46 - Итоги 10:15 - Окончание 😇 Большое спасибо за просмотр! Ставь лайк, подписывайся на канал и включай колокольчик, буду благодарен вам. Также ты можешь поделиться этим роликом с друзьями ;) 🎶 Музыка из видео: 1. Quincas Moreira - Night Drive 2. Unicorn Heads - Vital Whales Музыка предоставлена сервисом YouTube Audio Library 💙 P.S: Не спамьте в комментах, спасибо за понимание! #Daniel #Windows #OneCoreAPI #WindowsXP #Testing

Язык Си - Как создать и открыть окно с помощью функций WinAPI.


Это видео для тех, кто уже знаком с программированием на языке Си или прошел мой курс - Язык Си с нуля. ► Уроки по языку Си - 🤍 В данном видео мы: + узнаем как создать класс окна и зачем это делать + зарегистрируем класс окна + создадим и отобразим окно + получим сообщения и передадим их в наше окно + посмотрим все сообщения для нашего приложения + отловим нажатие на крестик + создадим свою функцию обработки сообщений + отловим сообщение об уничтожении окна + отловим сообщение о нажатии клавиши и получим нажатый символ + отловим перемещение мышки и нажатие на кнопку мыши. + отключим появление консольного окна ► Плей лист - 🤍 Уроки по теме: ► урок 6 - процедуры, функции, передача параметров - 🤍 ► урок 7 - Циклы, массивы - 🤍 ► урок 10 - Новые циклы (for, do while) - 🤍 ► урок 15 - Структуры, области видимости - 🤍 ► урок 21 - Указатели - 🤍 ► урок 22 - Передача параметров по указателю - 🤍 ► урок 23 - Указатель на структуру - 🤍 ► урок 24 - Виды указателей - 🤍 ► урок 30 - Указатель на функцию - 🤍 Безвозмездная помощь каналу: VTB - 5368 2900 3162 0349 Антон. BTC - bc1q72jw5p572ck24wh7kev5cnqvv4wwufc8q2zy9l 🤍 Язык Си с нуля - данный видеокурс предназначен для тех, кто еще ни разу не программировал. Здесь я максимально понятно пошагово обьясняю основы программирования на языке Си. Если хотите научиться программировать на языке Си - пройдите весь курс. Помимо обьяснения материала я даю домашку. А после каждых нескольких уроков мы вместе пишем забавные игры!)



В этом видео я расскажу об основах создания оконного приложения на C WINAPI Мы создадим своё окно, разработаем минимальные для работы функции, поставим дефолтную иконку Для создания оконного приложения мы будем использовать библиотеку Win32 Windows.h (также её называют просто WinApi) Её можно установить вместе с Visual Studio в пакете разработки классических приложений на windows. В видео я подробнее расскажу, как это можно сделать - Все видео по C WINAPI (плейлист) 🤍 - winapi c winapi уроки win api библиотека winapi c winapi для чайников Win32 Controls winapi примеры программ Text Box in win32 API C уроки winapi c Edit Control winapi c уроки winapi Win32 графический интерфейс c tutorial с GUI C winapi winapi обучение winapi для начинающих Graphical User Interface уроки по winapi hwnd как создать окно в c example C, Windows API, WINAPI, как создать программу win32 api C, оконное приложение win api c tutorial, c programming, learn c, создание программы, создание оконного приложения, уроки по winapi, winapi уроки, создать окно winapi, winapi window creation, windows api создать окно, графический интерфейс c оконное приложение win32 api c visual studio, оконное приложение windows hwnd c library Static control hwnd c type hwnd c windows Windows GUI Programming hwnd winapi GUI windows уроки по c Win32API C/C Win32 программирование на winapi c уроки для начинающих винапи, винапи c приложение windows, разработка оконного приложения

What is an API?


Want to learn how to build your first API in less than 10 mins? Click here to get started: 🤍 Checkout the MuleSoft Platform here: 🤍 The textbook definition goes something like this: “An application programming interface (API) is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. An API expresses a software component in terms of its operations, inputs, outputs, and underlying types. An API defines functionalities that are independent of their respective implementations, which allows definitions and implementations to vary without compromising each other. A good API makes it easier to develop a program by providing all the building blocks. APIs often come in the form of a library that includes specifications for routines, data structures, object classes, and variables. In other cases, notably SOAP and REST services, an API is simply a specification of remote calls exposed to the API consumers. An API specification can take many forms, including an International Standard, such as POSIX, vendor documentation, such as the Microsoft Windows API, or the libraries of a programming language, e.g., the Standard Template Library in C or the Java APIs. An API differs from an application binary interface (ABI) in that an API is source code-based while an ABI is a binary interface. For instance POSIX is an API, while the Linux Standard Base provides an ABI”. To speak plainly, an API is the messenger that runs and delivers your request to the provider you’re requesting it from, and then delivers the response back to you. To give you a familiar example, think of an API as a waiter in a restaurant. Imagine you’re sitting at the table with a menu of choices to order from, and the kitchen is the provider who will fulfill your order. What’s missing is the critical link to communicate your order to the kitchen and deliver your food back to your table. That’s where the waiter (or API) comes in. ”AHEM” The waiter takes your order, delivers it to the kitchen, and then delivers the food (or response) back to you. (Hopefully without letting your order crash if designed correctly) Now that we’ve whetted your appetite, let’s apply this to a real API example. In keeping with our theme, let’s book a flight to a culinary capital – Paris. You’re probably familiar with the process of searching for airline flights online. Just like at a restaurant, you have a menu of options to choose from ( a dropdown menu in this case). You choose a departure city and date, a return city and date, cabin class, and other variables (like meal or seating, baggage or pet requests) In order to book your flight, you interact with the airline’s website to access the airline’s database to see if any seats are available on those dates, and what the cost might be based on certain variables. But, what if you are not using the airline’s website, which has direct access to the information? What if you are using online travel service that aggregates information from many different airlines? Just like a human interacts with the airline’s website to get that information, an application interacts with the airline’s API. The API is the interface that, like your helpful waiter, runs and and delivers the data from that online travel service to the airline’s systems over the Internet. It also then takes the airline’s response to your request and delivers right back to the online travel service . And through each step of the process it facilitates that interaction between the travel service and the airline’s systems - from seat selection to payment and booking. So now you can see that it’s APIs that make it possible for us all to use travel sites. They interface with with airlines’ APIs to gather information in order to present options back to us The same goes for all interactions between applications, data and devices - they all have API’s that allow computers to operate them, and that's what ultimately creates connectivity. API’s provide a standard way of accessing any application, data or device whether it is shopping from your phone, or accessing cloud applications at work. So, whenever you think of an API, just think of it as your waiter running back and forth between applications, databases and devices to deliver data and create the connectivity that puts the world at our fingertips. And whenever you think of creating an API, think MuleSoft.

Уроки WinApi C++ | Работа с окнами виндовс | HWND на примерах


Уроки WinApi C | Работа с окнами виндовс | HWND на примерах 📗 Все ссылки на полезные материалы находятся ниже 📗 В данном видео мы рассмотрим принцип работы WinApi на примере языка С. Напишем 3 программы, где будет применяться HWND совместно с средствами Visual Studio, а именно Spy Мы научимся получать класс любого окна виндовс и взаимодействовать с ним (скрывать, разворачивать, уничтожать окно и т.д). Также напишем программу, которая будет скрывать каждое активное окно и запрещать вывод диспетчера задач. ⭐ Все наши Python курсы: 🤍 ⭐ Канал с полезным материалом: 🤍 📁 Все плейлисты с уроками: 🤍 📁 Связаться со мной: zproger777🤍 📁 Поддержать канал: 🤍 📁 Поддержать криптовалютой: 🤍

Introduction to UIA: Microsoft's Accessibility API


Learn about User Interface Automation, or UIA, which is Microsoft's current Accessibility API. Links referenced in the video: UIA Overview, 🤍 Windows Developer Support, 🤍 Windows UIA Blog, 🤍 Hierarchy, 🤍 Control Patterns, 🤍 Properties, 🤍 Control Types, 🤍 Inspect, 🤍 AccEvent, 🤍 Windows Ease of Access Center, 🤍 Narrator Getting Started User Guide, 🤍



Всех приветствую на полном базовом курсе по созданию оконного приложения на C WinApi Мы пройдемся по всем базам, которые пригодятся тебе для создания своего оконного приложения Я расскажу об основах создания оконного приложения на C WINAPI Мы своё окно, разработаем нужные для работы функции, установим оконное меню, поставим иконку, рассмотрим работу с элементами управления, COM Порт, а также графику и шрифты для GUI - Все видео по C WINAPI (плейлист) 🤍 Размеры типов данных: 🤍 Документация по WINAPI: 🤍 Документация по CreateFileA: 🤍 Документация по CreateFontA 🤍 - Ссылки на отдельные части по C WINAPI: Создание окна - 🤍 Добавление меню - 🤍 Элементы управления - 🤍 Создание иконки приложения - 🤍 Работа с виджетами - 🤍 Импорт и экспорт в файл - 🤍 Окно выбора файла - 🤍 Подключаем Serial COM Port - 🤍 Динамическое меню выбора порта - 🤍 Многопоточность - 🤍 Работа с Цветом - 🤍 Создание шрифтов - 🤍 Свой градиент и Set Pixel - 🤍 - WinApi c ICON icon с оконное приложение для чайников, Windows hwnd, уроки win32 api как создать приложение, Winapi Edit, библиотека Windows.h, своя программа windows, GUI C Winapi, программа подключение Winapi оконное приложение c visual studio для Windows Win32 to как создать элементы управления Window Controls HMENU на начинающих Lerp примеры шрифт HFONT control подключить ком порт in Text файл CreateMenu User Window Box win32 API Interface library по C Control tutorial и приложение exe импорт экспорт текста WINAPI обучение setup открыть Graphical User Interface winapi usb меню программирование шрифт Font functions example Static widget how кнопка C/C Win32 type цвет оконное приложение Windows GUI background фон GUI Programming change к GUI windows с Win32API винапи MENU своя иконка приложения own ICON Set window text Multithreading потоки функции работа с потоками многопоточность SERIAL COM PORT графический интерфейс GUI LPCSTR виджеты загрузить get multithreading сохранить в файл импорт и экспорт в файл WINAPI C/C LPSWSTR FILE файловый импорт цветные прямоугольники Rect txt файл импорт экспорт save to file create font files Create File open file name сохранения load file c name текстовый функции CreateFileA GetOpenFileName GetSaveFileName Get Save Name цвета окно выбора файла выбрать name Arduino приложению serial сериал com port win32 COM работа start ком портом динамическое меню COM порт Ардуино ардуино сделать чтение устройства линейная интерполяция Windows GUI Programming hwnd поток c кнопка winapi GUIwindows уроки по c Win32 API C/C Win32 программирование на многопоточность winapi c уроки для начинающих винапи много поточность винапи c приложение Set Pixel function windows динамический выбор порта меняющееся Dynamic menu градиент threads thread много поточность CreateThread потоки поток многопоточность работа с цветом WM_PAINT RGB HBRUSH PAINT использовать в ПЭИНТ в приложении рисуем цветные прямоугольники CreateSolidBrush кисть графика winapi рисование цветной задать custom function set CreateFontA прозрачный текст крупный текст слеать большой текст Draw применить цвет к виджету Color градиент Pixel переход процедурная интерполяция раскрасить пиксель Gradient перехода struct алгоритм пикселями Color Pixel

¿Que es Winapi y para que sirve?


Winapi es una excelente librería para la creación de interfaces graficas en C, con Winapi podemos crear ventanas graficas, botones, campos de texto, checkbox y muchos otros controladores más. Winapi se acopla muy bien con C pero puede ser implementada en Python y en Java. Hoy empezamos con este curso de Winapi para C, yo utilizaré Winapi con Codeblocks pero también podemos utilizar Winapi en Dev C, y también podemos seguir el curso de Winapi en Visual studio code. Está es una explicación introductoria.

Windows GUI Programming with C/C++ ( Win32 API ) | Part -1 | Creating a window


Win32 API ( Windows GUI ) Programming with C/C. Part 1 Creating a basic empty windows from a windows class. Part 2 : 🤍 Facebook page : 🤍

Aprender WinApi #1: Introducción y Ventanas


En este video les explico la generación de una Ventana en WinApi utilizando Diálogos y accediendo a los mensajes por medio de la función Callback en C. Enlace al repositorio de Gitlab con el codigo: 🤍 La pagina de referencia: 🤍 El IDE que utilizó es Visual Studio 2022 Si te interesa algún tema en particular de un video por favor déjalo en la caja de comentarios. Nadie nace siendo experto y el conocimiento debe ser compartido, si alguien tiene dudas en los comentarios, responde y se amable, nunca sabes cuando estarás en la misma situación. Sigan mi instagram: 🤍

1. Windows API 소개 및 첫 번째 응용 만들기 [Windows API]


안녕하세요. 언제나휴일입니다. Windows API는 Microsoft 사의 Windows 운영체제에서 제공하는 자료 형식과 기능을 포함하는 시스템 라이브러리입니다. 이번 강의는 Windows API를 소개하고 첫 번째 응용을 만드는 실습이 있어요. Windows 운영체제는 여러 모듈 간의 상호작용으로 동작하는 마이크로 커널입니다. 이번 강의에서는 Windows API에서 다루는 주요 모듈에 대하여 소개합니다. Windows API에서 제공하는 시스템 형식들을 소개합니다. 메시지 창이 뜨는 간단한 첫 번째 윈도우즈 프로그램을 만드는 실습입니다. 이를 통해 WinMain과 MessageBox 함수에 관해 소개합니다. 🤍

Read Process Memory with ReadProcessMemory Windows API


Windows API Exploitation for Red Blue Teams: 🤍 Pentester Academy is the world’s leading online cyber security education platform. We offer: 💻2000+ training lab exercises accessible via your browser: 🤍 📼1500+ on-demand training videos: 🤍 👨🏻‍🏫Live bootcamp training led by world-class instructors: 🤍 📜Certifications and exam attempts for both aspiring and seasoned red teamers: 🤍 FOLLOW US ON: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Note: All our materials are strictly meant for educational purposes.

What is an API ? Simply Explained


Complete C Placement Course (Data Structures+Algorithm) :🤍 Telegram: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

How to use CURL on Windows | How to test API with CURL | CURL Basics Step by Step


Free Tutorials - 🤍 CURL Beginner Tutorial: Today we will learn: 1. What is CURL 2. How to run curl on windows 3. How to run api requests with curl : GET, POST, PUT, DELETE Ref: 🤍 🤍 GET ONLY RESPONSE curl url GET RESPONSE AND HEADERS curl -i url GET ONLY HEADERS curl head url curl -I url GET DETAILS OF CLIENT SERVER INTERACTION -v verbose curl -v url GET EVEN MORE DETAILS AND LOG ALL INTERACTION TO FILE trace curl trace FILE URL SEND HEADERS IN REQUEST -H curl -H "Accept:application/json" POST -d or data "name": "morpheus", "job": "leader" -X POST curl -X POST -H "Accept:application/json" 🤍 -d '{"name": "morpheus", "job": "leader"}' PUT -X PUT curl -i -X PUT 🤍 -d '{"name": "morpheus", "job": "zion resident"}' DELETE -X DELTE curl -i -X DELETE 🤍 Like, Share and Subscribe. Keep Learning, Raghav HIT SUBSCRIBE & BELL TO GET NEW VIDEOS ONLINE COURSES TO LEARN 🤍 UI TESTING Selenium Beginners - 🤍 Selenium Java Framework from Scratch - 🤍 Selenium Python - 🤍 Selenium Tips - 🤍 Selenium Builder - 🤍 Katalon Studio - 🤍 Robot Framework - 🤍 API TESTING Web Services (API) - 🤍 SoapUI - 🤍 Postman - 🤍 General - 🤍 MOBILE TESTING Mobile Playlist - 🤍 CI | CD | DEVOPS Jenkins Beginner - 🤍 Jenkins Tips & Trick - 🤍 Docker - 🤍 VERSION CONTROL SYSTEM Git & GitHub - 🤍 PERFORMANCE TESTING JMeter Beginner - 🤍 JMeter Intermediate - 🤍 JMeter Advanced - 🤍 JMeter Tips & Tricks - 🤍 Performance Testing - 🤍 JAVA Java Beginners - 🤍 Java Tips & Tricks - 🤍 MAVEN Maven - 🤍 OTHERS Redis- 🤍 Misc - 🤍 Tools & Tips - 🤍 QnA Friday- 🤍 Sunday Special - 🤍 Ask Raghav - 🤍 Interviews - 🤍 All Playlists - 🤍 Never stop learning, Raghav Website - 🤍 LifeCharger - 🤍 Udemy Courses - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Youtube - 🤍

PW - WinAPI - wprowadzenie


HelloWorld Win32 API 버전 코드 분석


Win32 API 방식의 첫 번째 윈도우 프로그래밍 예제를 설명한 영상입니다. 이 영상을 통해 메시지 처리기 콜백 구조를 코드 수준에서 구체적으로 확인할 수 있습니다.

VBA Excel Windows API - V1.04 - Enable and Click Button in Another Application BM_CLICK


VBA Excel Windows API - V1.04 - Enable and Click Button in Another Application BM_CLICK Handy Excel Resources 🤍 - Excel Formulas & Functions For Dummies 5th Edition 🤍 - Microsoft Excel 2019 VBA and Macros 🤍 - MICROSOFT EXCEL VBA AND MACROS FOR BEGINNERS: 🤍 - Microsoft Excel VBA Programming for the Absolute Beginner 🤍 - Excel 2019 Bible 🤍 - EXCEL 2020 FOR BEGINNERS As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Product prices and availability are subject to change.

VB.NET Win32 API Part4 FindWindowEx


Finding the child handler of a window by passing the parent handler.

C++ Процессы и Потоки Windows


Научимся выводить с помощью C список активных процессов операционной системы Windows и их дочерних потоков. Диспетчер задач Windows позволяет просмотреть список текущих процессов. Однако потоки данных процессов он не показывает. Полезные ссылки: CreateToolhelp32Snapshot(): 🤍 Process and Thread Functions: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Telegram: 🤍

DEFCON 20: Weaponizing the Windows API with Metasploits Railgun


Speaker: DAVID €ŒTHELIGHTCOSINE€ MALONEY SOFTWARE ENGINEER, METASPLOIT RAPID7 No part of the Metasploit Framework has been shrouded in more mystery and confusion than the Railgun extension. Railgun is one of the most powerful tools in the Metasploit arsenal when it comes to Post Exploitation. In this talk we will examine what Railgun is, and how we can use it to turn Windows completely against itself by weaponizing the Windows API libraries. We will demystify Railgun by explaining exactly how it works under the covers and how you can use it to create powerful post modules. David “thelightcosine” Maloney is a Software Engineer on the Metasploit Team at Rapid7. Before joining the team, he was a frequent contributor to the open source side of the project. As a contributor he specialized in Post Exploitation. Before Rapid7 he was a Penetration Tester, most recently for Time Warner Cable. David is also one of the founders of Hackerspace Charlotte in Charlotte, North Carolina. Twitter: 🤍thelightcosine For more information visit: 🤍 To download the video visit: 🤍 Playlist DEFCON 20: 🤍

Win32 API 1강. 프로그래밍 기초 (1/3)


본 강의에서는 기본 프로그래밍 방식과 윈도우 프로그래밍 방식의 차이점에 대해서 설명하며 프로그래밍을 위한 기본적인 명칭에 대해서 설명합니다.

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