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Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM) Deep Dive Tutorial


LVM, short for Logical Volume Manager, is awesome - and it doesn't seem to get the attention it deserves. In this one-shot tutorial, I'll show you why you should care about LVM, how to get started, some of the commands you can use to manage it, and more. You'll even learn how to use it to take snapshots of your system! ☁️ Get $100 in credit toward deploying your very own Linux servers on Linode! ➡️ 🤍 🙌 Support me on Patreon and get early access to new content! ➡️ 🤍 🛒 Affiliate store for Linux compatible hardware/accessories (commission earned): ➡️ 🤍 💻 Check out the Tiny Pilot KVM for your Homelab (commission earned): ➡️ 🤍 💻 Check out and spin up your very own Linux or Windows desktop in the cloud (commission earned): ➡️ 🤍 Individual sections: 0:50 - Why LVM? 12:06 - Installing Ubuntu Server 18.04 (with LVM) 17:40 - LVM Explanation 21:14 - Ubuntu Server installation (continued) 25:25 - Viewing LVM info 28:07 - Expending a filesystem 33:42 - Setting up LVM Manually 40:47 - Creating and Restoring Snapshots Wiki article for this video: 🤍 More info can be found in this article (this is where the LVM diagram came from): 🤍 🐦 Follow me on Twitter! ➡️ 🤍 💬 Official Community: ➡️ 🤍 📖 Check out jay's latest book, Mastering Ubuntu Server 3rd Edition. Available now! ➡️ 🤍 👨 More about me: ➡️ 🤍 ➡️ 🤍 💽 How to create a bootable flash drive for installing Linux: ➡️ 🤍 🐧 Which distro do I use? ➡️ 🤍 🔐 How to better secure OpenSSH: ➡️ 🤍 ☁️ How to create a cloud Linux server with Linode: ➡️ 🤍

Logical Volume Management - What is LVM & how to use it (and WHY you should use it)


Logical Volume Management is a great way to expand your drive space by simply adding additional hard drives. LVM lets you expand your available space on the fly without even needing to reboot. In this video I'll explain what Logical Volume Management is, how LVM's work, and why you should use them. I'll also show you how to extend an LVM (or, grow an LVM) and the extra steps in extending a swap parition. My LVM cheat sheets : 🤍 blocks to convert to LVM (I have not tried this!) : 🤍 Patreon Support : 🤍 00:00 Intro 00:20 Options for expanding 01:20 Cheat Sheet 01:38 What is LVM? 02:05 The system I'm using 03:00 Converting ext to LVM 03:31 Getting started with additional drive 04:10 Partition new drive to LVM 04:55 Understanding the layout 07:06 Extend the Volume Group to new drive 07:53 Extending a swap volume 10:58 Extending the root volume 14:56 Downsides 15:58 Key point you need to know #Linux #LVM

LVM | Logical Volume Management | Combining Drives Together


Let's go over LVM. Logical Volume Management is a staple on the fedora distro and an option on many other Linux distros. So today, I will be adding another physical hard drive to an existing volume and showcasing the power of LVM! LVM Guide - 🤍 Support My Work - ►► Get notified of videos or live streams ➜ 🤍 ►► Chris Titus Tech Digital Downloads ➜ 🤍 ►► Product and Service Recommendations ➜ 🤍 ►► My YouTube Gear and Computers ➜ 🤍 Other Places to Find Me - ►► Titus Tech Talk ➜ 🤍 ►► Titus Tech Gaming ➜ 🤍 ►► Chris Titus Crypto ➜ 🤍 ►► Twitch ➜ 🤍 ►► Twitter ➜ 🤍 DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps supports the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for your support!

Introduction to LVM | Linux Academy


Studying for the Linux+ and LPIC-1: System Administrator - Exam? This course is for you: 🤍 = About The Course: This course will help to prepare you for the Linux+ and Linux Professional Institute Level 1 Certification Exam 1. We will cover all of the objectives as listed on the 🤍 site for this exam. You will learn how to administer users, navigate Linux filesystems, manage processes, start services, use remote network shares, and more throughout this course. Using our practice servers, quizzes, and Learning Activities, you will gain all the experience you need to be successful on this first part of your journey to the Linux+ and LPIC-1 certification. NOTE: This course is current for 2018 Objectives as listed on the 🤍 site and covers the following topics in detail: System Architecture: * Determine and Configure Hardware Settings Boot the System * Change Runlevels and Boot Targets, Shutdown and Reboot the System Linux Installation and Package Management: * Design Hard Disk Layouts * Installing a Boot Manager * Manage Shared Libraries * Use Debian Package Management * Use RPM and YUM Package Management * Use Linux in a Virtualization Environment GNU and Unix Commands: * Work on the Command Line * Process Text Streams and Filters * Perform Basic File Management * Use Streams, Pipes and Redirects * Create, Monitor and Kill Processes * Modify Execution Priorities * Search Text Files Using Regular Expressions * Perform Basic File Editing Operations Using VI Devices, Linux Filesystems and the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard: * Create Partitions and Filesystems * Maintain the Integrity of Filesystems * Control Mounting and Unmounting of Filesystems * Manage File Permissions and Ownership * Create and Change Hard and Symbolic Linkx * Find System Files and Place Files in the Correct Location = Linux Academy: 🤍 = Try Linux Academy FREE for seven days: 🤍 Looking to get your team trained on the latest cloud technologies? 🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Connect with us on LinkedIn: 🤍 Read our blog: 🤍

Quelques explications et manipulations avec LVM sous Linux


Article associé : 🤍 Edit pour Gentoo/Calculate (OpenRC) : Il ne faut pas ajouter LVM au runlevel défault mais boot :) C'est à cause de la précipitation : rc-update add lvm boot rc-update add lvmetad boot rc-update add lvm-monitoring boot

How To Create LVM in Linux | Logical Volume Manager | RHCSA Certification #17 | Tech Arkit | EX200


LVM stands for Logical Volume Manager, Simply telling definition is not enough we should know the purpose and advantages to use further. #RHCSA #Linux #TechArkit If we take an example of standard Linux partitions are not flexible to increase and decrease file system when required, In this case we can’t use standard file system in production environment which is having high data growth rate. Standard partitions can be used where there is no high data growth, which partitions are used to store data and delete data later on. = Advantages of LVM - Very easy to create partitions - Increasing and decreasing file system size online is made easy - Adding more than one HDD will increase performance - LVM will support larger size of file system (100TB single partition) Youtube PlayLists Shell-Scripting: 🤍 Linux-Commands: 🤍 RHCSA Certification: 🤍 Putty Software Tricks: 🤍 Linux OS: 🤍 Follow Us on Social Media Telegram Group: 🤍 🤍 Reddit: 🤍 🤍 Mailing List: 🤍 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Google Plus: 🤍 🤍

Диски в Linux: Основы LVM - Logical Volume Management, Менеджер логических томов


Описание работы системы LVM - Logical Volume Management в Linux. Эффективное управление дисковым пространством с возможностью изменения размеров дисковых томов на лету, без необходимости выполнения отмонтирования файловых систем. Пример настройки в Linux Debian (аналогично подходит и для других дистрибутивов Линукс) - создание и расширение группы томов (volume group) и логических томов (logical volumes). Продолжение: - Диски в Linux: Перенос каталога /home на отдельный раздел/том LVM - 🤍 - Диски в Linux: LVMRAID - Программный RAID-массив средствами LVM (Logical Volume Management) - 🤍

LVM : Introduction, Concepts et Définitions - #Linux 1.26


📽️ Abonnez-vous : 🤍 🖥️ Devenir membre VIP : 🤍 Apprendre et se former à #Linux, voici ce que je vous propose dans cette playlist. Pour devenir devops ou sysadmin, il est nécessaire de débuter et d'avoir des bases solides sur linux (et notamment #debian dans cette playlist). Pour répondre aux difficultés de la gestion des disques, linux dispose d'un outil très utile : LVM pour Logical Volume Manager. Découvrons cela ensemble sur la distribution debian. Qu'est-ce que LVM ? Qu'est-ce que des LV, PV et VG ? Slides : 🤍 Sommaire de plus de 1200 vidéos : - sur github : 🤍 - sur gitlab : 🤍 ➡️ ➡️ Vous voulez m'encourager likez la vidéo, commentez-là et abonnez-vous ! 😃

Understanding Linux Logical Volumes - starring Anouk


An explanation about Linux Logical Volumes Do you wish to learn more? Buy one of my video courses on pearsonitcertification. 60% OFF at the checkout page WITH PROMO CODE: SANDER60 using the (affiliate) links below: RED HAT - RHCSA in Red Hat OpenStack LiveSessons 🤍 - OpenStack Certification Complete Video Course 🤍 - RHCSA Complete Video Course 🤍 - RHCSA 8 Cert Guide 🤍 - RHCE RHEL 8 Complete Video Course 🤍 - RHCE 8 EX294 Cert Guide 🤍 - RHCE RHEL 7 Complete Video Course 🤍 - Upgrading to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8 LiveLessons 🤍 - Linux High Availability Clustering Complete Video Course 🤍 - Linux Performance Optimization 🤍 - Linux Troubleshooting 🤍 - Red Hat OpenShift Fundamentals LiveLessons 🤍 - Linux Security Complete Video Course 🤍 - OpenStack Certification Complete Video Course 🤍 - Ansible Certification 🤍 KUBERNETES - Getting Started with Kubernetes 🤍 - Hands-on Kubernetes LiveLessons 🤍 - Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) 🤍 - Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) 🤍 LINUX FOUNDATION - Linux Foundation System Administrator (LFCS) - 🤍 - Linux Foundation Engineer (LFCE) - 🤍 MICROSOFT LINUX - Linux on Azure 🤍 GENERIC LINUX - Linux Fundamentals 🤍 - Ansible Certification 🤍 - Getting Started with Kubernetes 🤍 - Hands- On Ansible 🤍 - Ansible Fundamentals - 🤍 - Linux Under the Hood - 🤍 - Bash Scripting Fundamentals 🤍 - Advanced Bash Scripting 🤍 - Ubuntu Server Essentials LiveLessons 🤍 - Novell Cluster Services for Linux and NetWare 🤍 COMPTIA LINUX+ / LPI - LPIC-1 (Exam 101) LiveLessons 🤍 - LPIC-1 (Exam 102) LiveLessons 🤍 - CompTIA Linux+ XK0-004 Complete Video Course, 2nd Edition: 🤍 - Beginning Linux System Administration 🤍 - Linux High Availability Clustering Complete Video Course 🤍 VMWARE - vSphere 6 Foundations (Exam #2V0-620) Complete Video Course 🤍 Need help to find the right video course? Check 🤍 Living Open Source Foundation (LOS): 🤍 The mission of the LOS foundation is to change local economies and lives of individuals by bringing open source skills to Africa. Stay informed about new (free) courses and promotions by subscribing to my updates via 🤍 Share this video: 🤍 #linux #lvm

Logical Volume Management (LVM) vs Standard Partitions | 2022 | Linux Beginners Guide


What is Logical Volume Management (LVM) and how it compares to the Standard Partitioning Scheme in Linux. Should you pick LVM or Standard Partitioning? Learn about Logical Volume Management (LVM) vs Standard Partitions in 2022 using Linux. An LVM can give more flexibility compared to a Standard Partitioning scheme because it allows you to make changes to the file system after while the disk is live and without having to unmount anything. An LVM shines even more with the ability to add storage from multiple different devices in the same system and not from just one storage device. My Linux Cheat Sheet and 25 Page Checklist here: 📚 🤍 Free YouTube Tools: 🤍 Want more info/content? 🤍 Review and Walkthroughs: Zorin OS 15 - 🤍 Fedora 31 - 🤍 MX Linux - 🤍 ArcoLinux - 🤍 Solus OS - 🤍 Endeavour OS - 🤍 CentOS 8 - 🤍 PopOS! - 🤍 Parrot Security OS: 🤍 Fedora Workstation: 🤍 Elementary OS: 🤍 MX Linux: 🤍 Linux Lite: 🤍 Useful Links: Discord Link - 🤍 Further Explanation: 🤍 00:00 What is a LVM? 01:25 What is Standard? 02:30 Comparisons on LIVE Machine 05:30 Benfits of LVM 07:00 LVM vs Standard Suggestions 08:00 Grouping with Physical Disks w/ LVM #linux #tutorial #lvm

Concept of LVM in Linux


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RHCSA | How to create and manage LVM in RHEL7/CentOS7 in Hindi


#infotechshesh #LVM #LINUX_TRAINING About This Video :- Guys in this video i will show you that what is LVM - logical volume management and how to create LVM in Linux server 7 or any LINUX machine step by step. in this sesssion shown you that how to manage multiple volume in a single volume group . ►SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY VIDEOS: 🤍 |◆ ►SUBSCRIBE TO LEARN ETHICAL HACKING/CYBER SECURITY 🤍 ►FULL COURSE TUTORIAL SERIES IN ONE VIDEO |HINDI| ►Computer Networking Full Course in One Video: 🤍 ►Windows 10 Full Course in One video: 🤍 ►Red Hat Linux Full Course in One Video: 🤍 ►CCNA Full Course in One Video: 🤍 ►Kali Linux Full Course in One Video: 🤍 ►PowerShell Full Course in One Video: 🤍 ►Computer Hardware Full Course in One Video: 🤍 ►Learn Complete Ethical Hacking Program Free and Subscribe Now: 🤍 Join Telegram for notes and study material: 🤍 WhatsApp for Online Course Enquiries: +91 9453333643 ►Visit Our Website for All IT Courses Training: 🤍 𝗟𝗜𝗞𝗘 | 𝗦𝗛𝗔𝗥𝗘 | 𝗖𝗢𝗠𝗠𝗘𝗡𝗧 | 𝗦𝗨𝗕𝗦𝗖𝗥𝗜𝗕𝗘 FOR DAILY VIDEOS 💬 𝗙𝗼𝗹𝗹𝗼𝘄 & 𝗖𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗵 𝘂𝘀: 🌐𝗜𝗻𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗴𝗿𝗮𝗺: 🤍 🌐𝗙𝗮𝗰𝗲𝗯𝗼𝗼𝗸: 🤍 🌐𝗧𝘄𝗶𝘁𝘁𝗲𝗿: 🤍 -THANK YOU- Mr. Shesh Chauhan Founder at Sikholive.Com My other Videos :- 1-Learn complete kali Linux for beginner 🤍 2- Create your own VPN ? 🤍 3- Hiren Boot Recovery tool complete session ? 🤍 4- become a Server Administration complete Session for beginner? 🤍 5-windows server complete session ? 🤍 6- career guideline after 10+2 or any graduate ? 🤍 7-complete RHEL server Learning for Beginner ? 🤍 8- create storage pool ? 🤍 9- kali linux new update ? 🤍 Linux VS Windows 🤍 Get free Microsoft certificate ? फ्री में कोई भी कंप्यूटर सर्टिफिकेट पाये ? 🤍 सावधान ! क्या आपकी कॉल कोई और सुन रहा ? Call Scam ? Fraud ? must watch ? 🤍 WhatsApp Security ? 🤍 COMPUTER CRIME ? 🤍 - Thanks Keep watching Sharing and support And if any doubt so feel free to ask ...

Differences between Linux LVM and AIX LVM


Video 2 of my daily Linux series. Today we compare the major differences between the Linux and AIX Logical Volume Managers (LVM).

How To Create LVM in Linux | Logical Volume Manager | LVM | Hindi | LetsTalkAbout | CentOS | Linux


In this Video we talk about the LVM [ Logical volume management ] Creating , extending and reducing the LVM with CentOS Steps = install HDD - create partition - create PV (Physical Volume) - Add HDD to PV - Create New VG ( if require) - add Physical volume to Volume croup - create LV ( logical volume) from avilabe space in VG - create fie system on LV - entry in FSTAB - mount FS How to Format disk partitions 🤍 Music Background = On behalf of: [ ] Music Library

How To Extend LVM Disk For Linux Virtual Machine On VMware


In this video I explain how to increase disk space in Linux with LVM by first expanding the hard disk, creating a new partition, expanding the volume group and logical volume and then resizing the file system. This video guide covers an existing (and more detailed) blog post I created which can be found here: 🤍 Alternatively, you can also instead add a new disk rather than expand the existing disk as shown in this video by following these steps: 🤍 - Follow me here - Twitter - 🤍 Google+ - 🤍

Session-32 | Logical Volume (LVM) Feature in Linux | Using LVM in RHEL 8 | Nehra Classes


Session-32 | Logical Volume (LVM) Feature in Linux | Using LVM in RHEL 8 | Nehra Classes * Video Chapters: 00:00 Channel intro 00:20 Session intro 00:35 About session 01:41 Membership update 4:00 Why LVM? 5:23 Understanding Problems with Standard partitions 9:52 Solution with LVM 11:17 Volume Groups with pv 12:40 Benefits 15:45 lsblk 16:33 creating partition with fdisk 17:38 partprobe 18:03 pvs [check physical volumes on machine] 18:43 pvcreate [creating physical volume] 19:09 vgcreate [creating volumegroup] 19:50 vgs [check volume groups] 20:10 lvcreate [creating lvm] 21:14 lvs [check logical volumes] 21:28 lsblk after lvm 22:38 mkfs.ext4 [formating lvm to ext4] 23:45 mounting lvm 24:33 where is data stored? 26:30 adding physical volumes to vg 26:51 vgextend [extending vg] 27:32 vg space after extending 27:52 lvextend 28:15 lvs & troubleshooting fs 29:23 Live Q&A 48:30 how to remove lvm? 49:20 lvremove 49:41 vgremove 49:54 pvremove 50:07 lsblk 50:15 removing partitions 50:17 fdisk 50:36 lsblk 53:28 Membership Information 56:10 About Upcoming Sessions 1:01:10 Channel Outro * Thanks for watching the video. If it helped you then, please do like & share it with others as well. Feel free to post your queries & suggestions in the comment box, we will be happy to answer your queries. If you like our hard work then please do subscribe to our channel & turn on the bell notification to get the latest notifications of our video. * Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 * My DSLR Camera: 🤍 My Boya Microphone: 🤍 My iPhone: 🤍 My Gaming Router: 🤍 My FireStick: 🤍 My Head-Phone: 🤍 My Dream Laptop: 🤍 My Dream TV: 🤍 My Dream IPhone: 🤍 Contact Us: WhatsApp: 🤍 Telegram Channel: 🤍 Email: nehraclasses🤍 Follow Us On Social Media Platforms: Twitter: 🤍 Facebook Page: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Website: 🤍 = ©COPYRIGHT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. #NehraClasses #NehraClassesLive #LinuxTraining

Cos'è e come funzione LVM [Certificazione LPI - 102.1 ~ 4] Imparare Linux


In questo video viene spiegato il funzionamento e i vantaggi di LVM rispetto a un sistema con gestione "tradizione" dei volumi fisici. Segui il corso completo su udemy! 🤍 Il più grande vantaggio di LVM - Logical Volume Manager - è sicuramente in primo luogo la scalabilità e la flessibilità nell'eseguire operazioni di spostamento e ridimensionamento a caldo sui dischi, che lo rendono uno strumento indispensabile per sistemi server e VPS linux, ma non in secondo piano gli snapshot per il backup e disaster recovery, davvero ben fatto! Termini utilizzati in questo video: Phisical Device / Phisical Volume Volume Group Logical Volume

#linux #lvm


Video návod jak používat LVM = Logical Volume Manager = osnova - zprovoznění - vytvoření a použití - zvětšení blokového zařízení za běhu systému - zrušení = odkazy 🤍 = instalace linuxu na servery: 🤍 = patreon: 🤍 = about me: blog: 🤍 nabídka služeb: 🤍 = social networks: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 = kontakt: email: youtube🤍

Linux : LVM - How to convert a normal volume to mirrored


Dear Friends, This is a short video about LVM to convert a linear volume to a mirrored one. Please watch the full video and share your valuable feedback Don't forget to click the "Subscribe" button..!!

LVM逻辑卷基本概念 [LinuxCast视频教程]


LVM逻辑卷基本概念 本课程为您讲解LVM逻辑卷动态磁盘管理机制的基本概念及架构,包括逻辑卷原理、PV、VG、LV、PE等基本概念 本课知识点: 1.LVM(logical volumn Manage)逻辑卷是一种动态磁盘管理技术 2.逻辑卷的基本概念: 3.PE 物理扩展 4.PV 物理卷 5.VG 卷组 6.LV 逻辑卷 全方位的Linux学习与交流平台 🤍

Entenda a estrutura do LVM em 5 minutos | 1/2 | LPIC-1


Veja a segunda parte desse conteúdo aqui: 🤍 Acompanhe nosso trabalho: Blog: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Receba novos conteúdos de LPI semanalmente: 🤍

Logical Volume Manager | How to create and partition LVM in Redhat Linux | Tamil


This video focuses on how to use Logical Volume Manager efficiently in Linux. How to create a physical volume, logical volume and partitioning logical volume in Redhat linux. Kindly go through the video completely and provide your valuable suggestions in the comment below. Thank you. =🥇🥈🥉🏅Subscription Link🏅🥉🥈🥇= 🎯 🤍 =🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼Support me🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼= 💳 Paypal: 🤍 💰 Razorpay(Rs:50 - Tiny boost): 🤍 🧋 Buy me coffee: 🤍 =🌐🌐🌐🌐🌐Connect with me🌐🌐🌐🌐🌐= ✉️ Telegram: 🤍 🐦 Twitter: 🤍 🔊 Facebook: 🤍 🌐 Blogspot: 🤍 🛑 Reddit: 🤍 📌 Pintrest: 🤍 📷 Instagram: 🤍 =💫⭐️🌟✨⚡️Interesting Videos💫⭐️🌟✨⚡️= 1️⃣▶️ Easy ways to learn Linux : 🤍 2️⃣▶️ Must have Linux Applications : 🤍 3️⃣▶️ Install Ubuntu as Primary OS : 🤍 =🪄🪅🎊🎉Recommended Playlist🪄 🪅 🎊 🎉= 1️⃣▶️ Begineer to Power user: 🤍 2️⃣▶️ Distro Review: 🤍 3️⃣▶️ Redhat RHCSA: 🤍 =🐵🙈🙉🙊Other Channels🐵🙈🙉🙊= Linux Simplified: 🤍 MRV Tutorials: 🤍 Finance Log: 🤍 MRV Readers Club: 🤍 =🕐🕑🕒🕓🕔Chapters🕐🕑🕒🕓🕔= 00:00 Introduction =🦾🦾Gears Used🦾🦾= 1️⃣▶️ Camera : 🤍 2️⃣▶️ Microphone (USB) : 🤍 3️⃣▶️ Microphone (3.5mm) : 🤍 4️⃣▶️ Lighting : 🤍 5️⃣▶️ Green Screen : 🤍 6️⃣▶️ Laptop : 🤍 7️⃣▶️ Keyboard : 🤍 8️⃣▶️ Mouse : 🤍 =💻💻🖥️🖥️Software Used🖥️🖥️💻💻= 📽️ Open Broadcaster Software: 🤍 🎬 Kdenlive: 🤍 🎨 GIMP: 🤍 🎵 Audacity: 🤍 🌄 Inkscape: 🤍 =🔴🔴🔴Disclaimer🔴🔴🔴= Few of the links in the description contains affiliate links, which means that if you buy one of the product in the link, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support! #linuxsimplified #linuxtamil #redhattamil #RHCSA #RHCSATamil #linuxforbeginners

How To Extend Linux LVM | lvextend | LVEXTEND | RHCSA Certification #18 | Tech Arkit | EX200


Extending Logical Volume size without interrupting your existing applications on that LVM. lvextend is the command to extended the RAW disk space but extending the file system in RAW disk use resize2fs. #RHCSA #Linux #TechArkit Youtube PlayLists Shell-Scripting: 🤍 Linux-Commands: 🤍 RHCSA Certification: 🤍 Putty Software Tricks: 🤍 Linux OS: 🤍 Follow Us on Social Media Telegram Group: 🤍 🤍 Reddit: 🤍 🤍 Mailing List: 🤍 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Google Plus: 🤍 🤍

Logical Volume Management (LVM) in Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL7/8)


Introduction to LVM: (Logical Volume Management) Problems with standard partitions: There are some problems when working with hard disks and standard partitions. Consider a system with a small and a large hard disk device, partitioned like this. The first disk (/ dev/sda) is partitioned in two, the second disk (/dev/sdb) has two partitions and some empty space. In the example above, consider the options when you want to enlarge the space available for /srv/project42. What can you do? The solution will always force you to unmount the file system, take a backup of the data, remove and recreate partitions, and then restore the data and remount the file system. Solution with LVM: Using LVM will create a virtual layer between the mounted file systems and the hardware devices. This virtual layer will allow for an administrator to enlarge a mounted file system in use. When LVM is properly used, then there is no need to unmount the file system to enlarge it. Source: Paul Cobbaut EBook (🤍 Command History: (Used in Video) lsblk fdisk -l fdisk /dev/sdc lsblk pvcreate /dev/sdc1 vgcreate NewVolGrp /dev/sdc1 pvs pvdisplay vgs vgdisplay clear lsblk lvcreate -L -n NewLogVol NewVolGrp lvcreate -L -n NewLogVol NewVolGrp lvcreate -L 5G -n NewLogVol NewVol lvremove NewLogVol lvremove /dev/NewVolGrp/NewLogVol clear lvcreate -L 5G -n NewLogVol NewVol lvs lvdisplay clear lsblk mkdir -p /NewDir mount /dev/NewVolGrp/NewLogVol /Ne umount /dev/NewVolGrp/NewLogVol umount /NewDir/ df -h lsblk clear mkfs.xfs /dev/NewVolGrp/NewLogVol mount /dev/NewVolGrp/NewLogVol /Ne umount /NewDir/ mount /dev/NewVolGrp/NewLogVol /Ne df -h vgs lvextend -n /dev/NewVolGrp/NewLogV lsblk vgs fdisk -l fdisk /dev/sdc lsblk partprobe /dev/sdc lsblk pvcreate /dev/sdc2 vgextend NewVolGrp /dev/sdc2 vgs lvextend -n /dev/NewVolGrp/NewLogV lvs xfs_growfs /dev/NewVolGrp/NewLogVo df -hT Thanks for Watching our videos, please subscribe our channel and share our videos with your friends. = Pascal Triangle & Binomial Theorem (Maths): 🤍 DNF/YUM in RHEL8: 🤍 Configure VNC: 🤍

Uso de LVM para tus FS, aprende a crear, modificar y eliminar!!!


En este video aprenderás a utilizar LVM, aprende a crear volúmenes lógicos, incrementarlos y eliminarlos. Cursos y capacitaciones 🤍

LVM Linux. Как разметить диск в Linux чтобы можно было расширить?


LVM - Это менеджер логических томов, позволяющая использовать разные области одного жёсткого диска и/или области с разных жёстких дисков как один логический том. Если у раздела на диске критически мало место Вы можете с помощью lvm добавить диск для расширения ваших томов или просто расширить том без выключения вашего компьютера. #LVMLinux #Диск #ityoutubersru #АнтонПавленко ХОТИТЕ ПОМОЧЬ РАЗВИТИЮ КАНАЛА? ★ Яндекс.Деньги: 🤍 ★ 🤍 ★ 🤍 КОНТАКТЫ: ✦ Канал в TELEGRAM: 🤍 (worlditech) ✦ Чат в TELEGRAM: 🤍 ✦ Группа в VK: 🤍 ✦ INSTAGRAM: 🤍 ✦ DISCORT: 🤍 Еще контакты: ✧ 🤍 ✧ 🤍 ✧ 🤍 Таймкоды: 00:00 - Начало 00:31 - ДР 00:40 - Что такое LVM 01:06 - Зачем нужен LVM 01:40 - Как работает LVM 04:17 - Плюсы и минусы LVM 05:15 - Утановка Ubuntu Server 20.04 06:20 - Настройка LVM и разметка диска при установки 08:58 - Вывод информации о LVM группах 09:23 - Настройка LVM и разметка диска во время работы системы 12:17 - Добавление диска 13:23 - Удаление диска 14:23 - Снапшоты

Resize LVM in Linux | Extend Or Reduce Logical Volume in RHEL || Nehra Classes


#Welcome to Nehra Classes# #How To Resize LVM Online Safely in RHEL/CentOS# lsblk fdisk /dev/sdb partprobe clear lsblk pvcreate /dev/sdb1 vgcreate VG /dev/sdb1 lvcreate -L 3050M -n LV VG clear lsblk clear lvs vgs pvs vgdisplay pvdisplay lvdisplay clear mkdir /test mkfs.ext4 /dev/VG/LV mount /dev/VG/LV /test clear df -hT clear vim /etc/fstab clear umount /test df clear mount -a df -hT clear cd /test ll touch test{1..20}.txt ll cat cal.txt clear mkdir aa bb cc ll clear cd lvs df -hT clear vgs fdisk /dev/sdb partprobe clear pvcreate /dev/sdb2 vgextend VG /dev/sdb2 vgs clear lvs clear lvextend -L 5G -n /dev/VG/LV lvextend -L 5050M -n /dev/VG/LV lvs clear lvs df -Th clear resize2fs 5050M /dev/VG/LV clear df -Th clear resize2fs /dev/VG/LV 5050M df -hT clear cd /test ll cat cal.txt clear cd clear lvs clear lvs vgs clear df -Th umount /test clear e2fsck -f /dev/mapper/VG-LV clear resize2fs /dev/mapper/VG-LV 2G lvs clear lvreduce -L 2G -n /dev/VG/LV clear lvs vgs df -hT mount -a clear df -hT clear resize2fs /dev/VG/LV 2G clear df -hT cd /test ll cat cal.txt clear cd #Thanks * Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 * My DSLR Camera: 🤍 My Boya Microphone: 🤍 My iPhone: 🤍 My Gaming Router: 🤍 My FireStick: 🤍 My Head-Phone: 🤍 My Dream Laptop: 🤍 My Dream TV: 🤍 My Dream IPhone: 🤍 Contact Us: WhatsApp: 🤍 Telegram Channel: 🤍 Email: nehraclasses🤍 Follow Us On Social Media Platforms: Twitter: 🤍 Facebook Page: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Website: 🤍ss.s... = ©COPYRIGHT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. #NehraClasses

LVM Linux -- Tutorial and Concept (latest 2018) From ServerGyan


In this video I am going to explain what is LVM and what is need of it? Why we need PV and VG to create LVM? Apart from concept I will show demo of creating, formation, mounting & accessing LVM. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Restore Deleted LVM with Data in Linux (Latest 2018) From ServerGyan" 🤍 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

[1c] | Arch Linux Base Install on UEFI with LVM


This is video n.1c in the new series of Arch Linux installations. This video is for UEFI systems, and I am going to install Arch Linux on LVM. We are going to have a quick overview of LVM first and proceed and install the OS. If you'd like a specific tutorial on LVM let me know in the comments! Become a Patreon to support the channel: 🤍 Donate to the channel by visiting our Website: 🤍 My Hardware: AMD Ryzen 9 32 GB RAM Sapphire RX 5700 XT My software: Distro: Arch Linux Video editing software: Kdenlive Music: Creative Minds on Check out our Website and connect on Social Media! Website: Facebook: Instagram: #howto #archlinux #uefi

Resize your Linux root '/' mount with LVM


If you find you are running out of disk space and you are using LVM then here are a few steps that worked for me to extend the size of my root across two drives.After the video I tested adding another third drive too. My notes: 🤍 - 1.sudo fdisk -l : find new drive or lsblk or df -h 2.sudo pvscan 3.sudo fdisk /dev/sdb n p 1 [enter] [enter] t 8e w 5.lsblk and see /dev/sdb1 added if /dev/sdb1 is not seen then reboot before continuing further 6.sudo pvcreate /dev/sdb1 7.sudo vgdisplay : look for VG Name value (ubuntu-vg, vg00 etc) 8.sudo vgextend ubuntu-vg /dev/sdb1 9.sudo pvscan 10.sudo lvdisplay : look for LV Path value 11.sudo lvextend /dev/ubuntu-vg/ubuntu-lv /dev/sdb1 12.sudo resize2fs /dev/ubuntu-vg/ubuntu-lv lsblk will now show your size increase

How to create partitions using LVM on Linux Mint 20


LVM is the Logical Volume Management tool that comprises allocating disks, segmenting, replication, and resize the logical volumes. It is used to allocate a hard drive or set of hard drives to one or more physical volumes which can be placed on other block devices that might span two or more disks. For more explanation on this video: 🤍

Managing Storage with the Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM)


In this video you will learn Logical Volume Management with lab practice. here we are covering 1. Creating Physical Volume 2. Creating Volume Group 3. Creating Logical Volume 4. Creating file system and mounting it permanently 5. Extending PV, VG and LV 6. Reviewing PV, VG and LV 7. Reducing PV, VG and LV

The Linux LVM GUI tool for administrator, Visual LVM


What is Visual LVM ? Have you always been managing LVM by typing commands and constructing disk layout in your mind? Now, Visual LVM gives you a better and easier way to work on it. It is a GUI LVM manager on LINUX platform. It shows the layout of storage system directly and clearly so that you can manage much more hard disks more easily and quickly. It frees you from complex commands, that means you don't need to type commands any more, even remember them, just by click and drag you can work it out simply. Visual LVM is a new style of LVM management. It saves your time and energy, helping you focus on your task and making your work more easy and efficent. Try it! You will like it!

Bessere Partitionsverwaltung mit LVM


In diesem Video geht es um LVM - Logical Volume Management. LVM ist eine alternative zu klassischen Partitionstabellen und bietet bei der Partitionierung deutlich mehr Flexibilität als normale Partitionen. Es ist dafür allerdings auch komplizierter. Weitere Linux-Tutorials: 🤍 Partitionen verschlüsseln mit LUKS: 🤍 Timeline: 00:00 - Einleitung 00:06 - Was ist LVM? 00:19 - Vor- und Nachteile 04:09 - Der Aufbau von LVM 05:08 - Praxis - LVM grundlegend einrichten 10:45 - Praxis - LVM vergrößern 14:00 - Praxis - LVM verkleinern 16:16 - Schluss

How to Configure LVM in Linux step by step


LVM stands for Logical Volume Manager. LVM is the modern way to manage the storage devices pvcreate /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdc1 pvs or pvdisplay to check details of Physical volume vgcreate vg1 /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdc1 vgs or vgdisplay to check details of volume group lvcreate -L 2G -n lv1 vg1 -L size of disk -n name of logical volume lvs or lvdisplay to check details of Logical volume mkfs.ext4 /dev/vg1/lv1 mkdir /mnt/lvm nano /etc/fstab /dev/vg1/lv1 /mnt/lvm ext4 defaults 0 0 entries in fstab mount -a Please subscribe to my channel

Linux LVM Create, Extend ve Mount İşlemleri

13.05.2020 Linux işletim sisteminde LVM create ve extend disk operasyonları bu derste anlatılmıştır.

¿Qué es LVM? y por qué lo seleccionamos en la instalación de Ubuntu


Se trata de entender por qué usamos LVM en nuestro Gateway de IoT. 🤍s/Qu-es-LVM-y-por-qu-lo-seleccionamos-en-la-instalaci-n-de-Ubuntu-23336da52afa4a0cb87d941dc4797200

Linux : LVM - How to replace a failed disk in a mirrored volume


Dear Friends, This is a continuation of my previous video "Linux : LVM - How to convert a normal volume to mirrored". In this video we will see how to replace a failing disk in LVM with a good one. Please watch the full video and share your valuable feedback. Don't forget to click the "Subscribe" button..!!

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