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Boris FX Mocha Pro 2022 - What's New


Now Available! Mocha Pro 2022 is a major new version of the award-winning planar tracking and roto tool from Boris FX. Available now as a plugin for Adobe, Avid, supported OFX hosts and as a standalone application. Highlights include: ● Apple M1 boosts speeds on new Mac hardware ● Adobe MFR Support - AE Multi-Frame Rendering ● VFX Platform 2021 with improved color management ● Insert with PowerMesh: Improved workflow for warped surface compositing ● New Planar Tracking Features deliver the highest quality tracking and roto results ● New Exports for Nuke, Silhouette, Alembic, and Mistika. Learn more about Mocha Pro 2022 & download a free trial: 🤍 #borisfx #mochapro #motiontracking

Mocha Pro: Tracking Techniques for Occlusions & Reflections


If you are struggling with a difficult motion tracking shot, this Mocha training video is a great resource. Reflective surfaces and foreground objects can make trackers fail. In this tutorial, Boris FX product specialist, Elizabeth Postol covers useful tracking techniques to help improve your planar tracking IQ. Tips to avoid reflections and occlusions are relevant for all versions of Mocha including Mocha Pro, Mocha AE, and the Mocha included inside Sapphire and Continuum filters. 0:28 - Add X-Spline tool 3:35 - Subtraction layer masks & layer order 5:30 - Track coplanar tip 6:38 - Reflections& Shadows. How to track? 8:10 - Preprocessing in Mocha Pro track tab 9:20 -AdjustTrack module 11:00 - Compositing breakdown Learn More about Mocha Pro: 🤍

Mocha Pro: Object Removal & Clean Plating


mocha Pro’s Remove Module is an alternative to traditional clone and paint techniques for getting rid of unwanted pixels and removing objects. It automatically detects and blends pixels from other frames with little user input, offering massive time savings. Remove Module Features: Auto Remove: Automatically finds clean frames within a clip to remove objects based on planar tracking and motion keyer Frame Range: Sets before/after search for finding “clean frames” Illumination Modeling: Analyzes surrounding pixel values to match brightness and lighting shifts on removed area. Clean Plate: Import and interpolate cleaned frames for greater flexibility and advanced object removal tasks. For more from Boris FX, follow us: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 BorisFX: 🤍 Sapphire: 🤍 Continuum: 🤍 Mocha: 🤍

What's New: Boris FX Mocha Pro 2022.5


Mocha Pro 2022.5 is now available. This new version of Boris FX's popular planar motion tracking software is a free update for customers on a valid support contract OR active subscription. Here, Mocha product manager Martin Brennand walks you through the new features and fixes: What's New in Mocha Pro 2022.5: New pre-processing controls in the track module help solve difficult shots by applying filters to the source clip. Adjust gamma, contrast, blur, sharpen, denoise, or remove flicker from footage before tracking. Lens Calibration Improvements: The Lens module is now updated to support spline-based calibration with open splines. Remove or match lens distortion to improve tracking, roto, inserts, and removes. Lens calibration can now be saved for working on multiple shots with the same lens settings. New Surface Controls: Right-click controls to set surface aspect, alignment and visibility improves the workflow for common screen burns and product replacements. Apple M1 Improvements: Mocha’s Gstreamer support is updated to support latest Apple silicon hardware for faster video import/export. Interface improvements: New Gamma and Brightness controls in the viewer. Zoom scrolling - mouse scroll to zoom canvas. 360/VR improvements: multiple fixes for improved mono and stereoscopic spherical video workflows including horizon stabilization, nadir patching, and rotoscoping. To learn more about Mocha Pro, visit us: 🤍 #borisfx #mocha #motiontracking

Getting Started With PowerMesh! (Mocha Pro After Effects Tutorial)


In this Mocha Pro's PowerMesh beginner tutorial, we are going to learn about what 🤍Boris FX's Mocha Pro is and its amazing PowerMesh feature that allows us to do motion tracking on warping, organic object such as skin and fabric/clothes. We will also be taking a look at the updated Insert Module feature in Mocha 2022. This is a beginner level tutorial for PowerMesh, if you want to get started on the Mocha Pro itself, check out our Mocha AE Beginner tutorial here: ActionVFX Free For Subscribers: 🤍 - Take 20% off Mocha Pro!  We've partnered with our friends at Boris FX to offer this exclusive discount* on our favorite planar tracking plugin.  Go to 🤍 and choose a purchase option. The offer is valid for New License or Annual Subscription options. On checkout, ente r the coupon code: ActionVFX-mocha2022 * Offer expires at midnight on August 23, 2022 - ActionVFX Collections used: Bleeding Wound: 🤍 Gore Textures (FREE FOR SUBSCRIBERS) 🤍 00:00 Intro/What is PowerMesh? 01:14 Plate preparation & Opening Mocha 02:51 Creating a PowerMesh Track 04:40 Dealing with problematic track (remove module) 07:09 The "old" way to apply the tracking data 10:55 Using the new insert module feature 14:40 Mocha Pro Exclusive Offer 15:09 Outro Project files: 🤍 FilmPAC: 🤍 Want exclusive deals, news, & more? Text EXPLOSION to (866) 985-0584 Join thousands of others by subscribing to our channel for more valuable VFX and filmmaking content! Download high-quality elements (and gain access to the entire VFX library) for a low $14.99 monthly price. Learn more: 🤍 Not after a Subscription? No worries! From Fire and massive Explosions to Blood and Gore VFX, we have the largest high-quality VFX library in the world ready to be composited in your project. Check out over 5,000 VFX stock footage elements right here: 🤍 Looking for a VFX community? Come introduce yourself on our Forum! It's a place for VFX artists of all skills and experience to collaborate, talk VFX, get feedback on work, and so much more. Join today: 🤍 Remember to connect with us on our social networks to stay updated on our latest news, giveaways, announcements, contests, and more! #VFX #motiontracking #PowerMesh ActionVFX Socials: Forum - 🤍 YouTube - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 TikTok - 🤍 LinkedIn - 🤍

The Power Mesh tracker is INSANE! - Mocha Pro 2021


The Power-mesh tracking tool in Mocha Pro 2021 is just insane! I'm going to need to try some deep-fakes now 😅 Get 15% off all Boris FX plugins! Including my favorite tool for motion tracking, Mocha Pro. Go to 🤍 and use my coupon code: DOD-2021-BORISFX Get my Cine LUTs here: 🤍 Get my HLG LUTs here: 🤍 FILMMAKING GEAR: 🤍 PHOTOGRAPHY GEAR: 🤍 #dodmedia #tutorials #gearreviews For product reviews, collaborations or partnerships, or to send me something nice, get in touch here: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Store: 🤍 Website/Blog: 🤍

Mocha Pro 2019: Getting Started with Tracking Basics


///UPDATE 1 /// Watch this video for the newest workflow with Mocha AE 2019 & 2020 : 🤍 /// UPDATE 2 /// Still having problems with Mocha AE 2019 and 2020? Check out this video to see what's going wrong: 🤍 New! Mocha Pro 2019 from Boris FX features new interface options and new spline tools to speed up planar tracking. Get Started with Mocha 2019 with instructor Ben Brownlee. to learn the basics of planar tracking a screen replacement in Adobe After Effects or Premiere. NOTE: Mocha AE 2019 does not have export OR copy to clipboard. Use the "Create Tracking Data" in the AE Effects panel to create the tracking data as a corner pin OR transform, scale, rotate. See this video: 🤍 NEW IN MOCHA PRO 2019 New Workspaces with Mocha Essentials interface. GPU Accelerated Object Removal delivers faster rendering. New Spline Tools for faster Masking: Magnetic Spline with edge snapping, Freehand Spline, and Geometric Shape Tools. Retina/High DPI Monitor Resolution support Award-winning 360/VR tools now included with Mocha Pro 2019. For more information, visit us at 🤍

Mocha Pro: Tips for Faster, Better Object Removals


Learn how to remove unwanted objects from moving video clips. Mary Poplin from Boris FX covers useful and advanced tips to get higher quality object removals and faster render speeds using Mocha Pro running inside Adobe After Effects. Topics covered: - Planar Tracking and Remove Module project set-up - Multi-plane object removals - illumination settings for light shifts - clean plates for render speed - improve on content-aware fill results This tutorial is done with the Mocha Pro plug-in running in After Effects, but the general tips are relevant for Mocha Pro standalone application and all plug-in hosts. Learn more about Mocha Pro: 🤍

Introducing Mocha Pro 2020


Now Available! Boris FX Mocha Pro 2020 Learn more about Mocha Pro 2020: 🤍 The Academy Award-winning planar tracking toolset keeps getting better! Get ready for faster tracking, rotoscoping, powerful new VFX workflows for set extensions, matte painting, and object removes, and OpenColorIO (OCIO) support. Available as a plugin for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, and OFX hosts including Foundry Nuke, Autodesk Flame, Blackmagic Fusion, and VEGAS Pro as well as a standalone app.

Boris FX Mocha Pro: Add Face Paint with PowerMesh and the Insert Module


In this in-depth tutorial, Boris FX Senior Product Specialist, Mary Poplin, shows you how to add face paint to a person using Mocha Pro's PowerMesh and the Insert Module inside of After Effects. PowerMesh adds a unique, sub-planar workflow for motion tracking organic movement on skin and fabrics. The Insert Module is used to composite the inserted graphic with warped distortion and motion blur. Mocha Pro is available as a standalone application and as a plugin for Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, Nuke, Fusion, Flame, Vegas Pro, and more. Learn more: 🤍

Easily Track Any Surface


Tracking certain surfaces can be very frustrating... Today we look at a way to make it a whole lot easier! ►20% off Mocha Pro from Boris FX Visit 🤍 and use coupon code: filmriot-mocha-20 Offer expires April 1, 2021 ►Get 3 Free Lessons of Film Editing Pro 🎞 🤍 ►The Film Riot Podcast is back 🎧 🤍 #FilmRiot #Tracking #FaceTat - GEAR WE USE COLOR GRADING LUTs: 🤍 SOUND FX: 🤍 MUSIC: 🤍 VFX ASSETS: 🤍 Envato - 50 Million Resources for $10: 🤍 CAMERAS: C300 mkII: 🤍 A7s II: 🤍 C100: 🤍 LENSES: Rokinon: 🤍 PLUG-INS: 15% off Mocha Pro. 🤍 Use coupon code: filmriot AUDIO: NTG3: 🤍 H4n Zoom: 🤍 Zoom F8: 🤍 TRIPOD: BV-10: 🤍 - Connect with us: TWITTER: FilmRiot - 🤍 Ryan - 🤍 Josh - 🤍 Ryan Thompson - 🤍 Emily - 🤍 Justin - 🤍 FACEBOOK: Film Riot - 🤍 Ryan - 🤍 Josh - 🤍 Ryan Thompson - 🤍 INSTAGRAM Film Riot - 🤍 Ryan - 🤍 Josh - 🤍 Justin - 🤍 WEBSITES: Ryan - 🤍 Ryan Thompson - 🤍 - Theme Song by Hello Control: 🤍

ТРЕКИНГ для начинающих в MOCHA PRO | Планарный трекинг!


Трекинг - очень полезная и незаменимая вещь для настоящего монтажера! В этом видео я расскажу вам про планарный трекинг в Mocha Pro. Также, советую заценить курс по анимации в AE от ArtCraft: 🤍 Главное отличие Mocha заключается в том, что она делает планарный трекинг. Что это такое? Вместо того, чтобы отслеживать пиксели на видео, как делает After Effects, плагин Мока Про следит за определенной областью, за текстурой. Таким образом трекинг получается делать в разы легче и качественнее. Данный плагин использовался во многих голливудских фильмах для композитинга и имплементации 3D-объектов. В этом же уроке у нас будет два простых примера - нам нужно будет заменить экран на ноутбуке и привязать логотип к коптеру. Файлы для урока а также остальные ссылки вы сможете найти ниже. Почта для коммерческих запросов: akiro.production🤍 Музыка из ролика: 🎼Epidemic Sound, по ссылке вы получаете 1 месяц бесплатно: 🤍 #MochaPro #AfterEffects #СидиДома Ссылки на уроки по теме: Трекинг в After Effects: 🤍 3D-трекинг в After Effects: 🤍 Полезные ссылки: Поддержать канал: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Ссылка на официальную страницу Mocha: 🤍 Ссылка на материалы для урока: 🤍 Twitch (неформальные стримы): 🤍 Telegram (анонсы стримов и новых уроков): 🤍

Mocha pro tutorial | Mocha 2021 PowerMesh tracking and Warping workflow | @Borisfx


#Borisfx #Mochapro #Powermesh Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 * Hi Everyone, New in Mocha Pro 2021! PowerMesh tracking and warping workflow. The next evolution of Mocha. PowerMesh enables a powerful new sub-planar tracking engine for VFX, roto, and stabilization. Warped surface tracking and roto that sticks. Track complex organic surfaces through occlusions and blur using Mocha’s intuitive layer-based interface. Simple to use and faster than most optical flow based techniques. Apply to source files for realistic match moves, convert to AE Nulls to drive motion graphics, render a mesh warped stabilize/reverse stabilize plate for compositing, or export dense tracking data to host applications. Learn about Mocha Pro 2021: 🤍 Footage link - 🤍 Gears Which I am using - PC For VFX Which I am Using - 🤍 Microphone - 🤍 DSLR - 🤍 Light - 🤍 Green screen - 🤍 Video Highlights 00:00 Introduction 00:30 Applying Mocha pro from After effects 01:04 Tracking in Mocha Pro 03:13 Stabilize mode 03:50 Back to After effects for more 04:53 Adding Tattoos 05:16 Final output * 🧨My new VLOG channel - 🤍 Please do like comments and share as much as you can . * Movie reviews playlist - 🤍 Our previous Tutorial Links: 3ds max tutorial playlist -🤍 Photoshop Tutorial Playlist-🤍 After effects Tutorial Playlist -🤍 Nuke tutorial Playlist - 🤍 Mocha Tutorial Playlist - 🤍 Silhouette Tutorial Playlist - 🤍 Vfx Talks how - 🤍 Keen Tools Tutorials -🤍 Nuke Fundamentals Tutorials - 🤍 Element 3D Tutorials - 🤍 Vfx World PLUS TUTORIALS - 🤍 3D Equalizer Tutorials - 🤍 Nuke Tutorials - 🤍 VUE TUTORIALS - 🤍 Maya Tutorials - 🤍 VFX Concept art - 🤍 _ Our Short Film Links- Trailers - 🤍 Mistake Full Movie - 🤍 ➤Rajat Subhra:- With your support we can make this channel bigger and better. So we can learn a lot more. Backing this project will enable me to spend more time creating new fun tutorials. _ GET IN TOUCH: Cgsociety- 🤍 YouTube- 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter:🤍 Telegram : 🤍 * * * * * * thank you..............................................................................

Power Mesh in Mocha Pro for After Effects


If you like Mocha AE, upgrade to Mocha Pro and enjoy even more robust features and Premiere Pro support Mocha Pro for Adobe (from $295.00): 🤍 The power of the mesh! You can now track graphics onto organic warping surfaces automatically. This literally blows my mind when I see it. Stick graphics on cloth, skin, faces, animals, whatever! And you can use the mesh to generate a point cloud for even more compositing power. Your VFX compositing workflow is about to change with the power of the mesh!!! Connect on the Internets 🤍 🤍 🤍 See me live at 🤍 🤍

Mocha Pro 2021: PowerMesh Tips


Track faces, skin, and organic surfaces with Mocha Pro 2021's newest feature: PowerMesh. In this informative tutorial, Boris FX Senior Product Specialist, Mary Poplin, walks you through some of the trickier ins and outs of PowerMesh. Flex your skills with Mocha's new sub-planar tracking workflow for mesh driven digital makeup, graphics, and advanced compositing workflows. Update Tech Note Dec 9, 2020: Mocha Pro v2021.01 point release is now available and contains some useful new features and important fixes. Read release notes: 🤍 0:00 Intro 0:40 Unifrom vs Automatic Mesh Generation 2:40 Tracking Inside Edges & Avoiding Occlusions 4:18 Smoothness Settings 5:19 How and When to Create Mesh with Occlusion Layers 6:40 Editing Mesh Vertice Points 8:13 Outro Learn More about Mocha Pro 2021 from Boris FX. Visit us at: 🤍

Age effect in After Effects and Mocha Pro 2021 (Power Mesh Tutorial)


Age effect in After Effects and Mocha Pro 2021 (Power Mesh Tutorial) 💥💥 SPECIAL OFFER FOR ALL SUBSCRIBERS 💥💥 Take 15% off Boris FX plug-ins for Adobe After Effects & Premiere. Go to: 🤍 and use my coupon code: flomotion15 🎬🎥 GET 70% OFF ENVATO ELEMENTS 📽🎞 🤍 💥 🔥 ACTION VFX ⚡️☄️ 🤍 You will find explosions as well as many different vfx elements here. 00:00 Intro 01:20 Setting up the Scene 03:25 Power Mesh in Mocha Pro 07:29 Apply Tracking and Warping Data 10:42 Create a Reference Frame 11:59 Neural Filters in Photoshop (getting old) 14:50 Compositing in After Effects 17:01 Grey Hair 21:35 Final Tweaks and Color Correction Neural Filters in Photoshop 2021 Boris FX is running a Black Friday 25% off sale during Thanksgiving 2020 and the discount code will be temporarily disabled. In this new tutorial by flomotion you will learn how to age a person / character with the help of the new poser mesh tool within mocha pro. This new feature within mocha pro 2021 allowes you to track warped surfaces. So in a easy to understand way I am going to show you this new feature/ tracking method and you over the main features of a mesh track. I am also going to show to you how to customize the mesh to your needs. In After Effects you will learn how to set up your composition for an easy tracking workflow. Learn how to precompose and adjust the time of your composition within the composition settings. The whole tutorial will be easy to follow along and therefore good to watch for beginners and pros, as all steps are explained in detail from beginning to end. As a bonus this time we will go into Photoshop and have a look at the new neural filters which are based on AI. This means the maching learning tool from Adobe "Adobe Sensei" will generate images for you, with easy to use sliders for the facial age. An other new tool that we are going to take a look at is the new roto brush tool, which we will use to create a matte from fine hair detail. YOu will also learn the following effects today: - levels - tint - curves - photo filter - masking - roto brush - track mattes - mocha pro Here you find all the EQUIPMENT I used to create my videos as well as my tutorials If you have any questions concerning the equipment just leave me a comment and I will answer all of them. Promised!! VIDEO EQUIPMENT: Camera: Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K: 🤍 Lenses: Panasonic Leica 8-18 mm F2.8-4.0: 🤍 Panasonic Lumix G X Vario 12-35mm F2.8: 🤍 Monitor: Feelworld FW 279 4k: 🤍 Extra Stuff: Metabones EF-MFT Speed Booster: 🤍 PHOTO EQUIPMENT Camera: Canon EOS R: 🤍 Lenses: Canon RF 24-105mm F4: 🤍 Canon 50mm F1.8 STM: 🤍 Extra Stuff: Canon EF - EOS R Adapter: 🤍 DJI Ronin Gimbal: 🤍 AUDIO EQUIPMENT: Mic Shure SM7b: 🤍 Mic Rode smartLav+: 🤍 Interface Focusrite Scarlett: 🤍 Headphones AKG K702: 🤍 PC & HARDWARE: HP ZBook 17: 🤍 McBook Pro: 🤍 Follow me for more tutorials: Website: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 YouTube: 🤍 Follow me for more tutorials: Website: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 YouTube: 🤍 #aftereffects #neuralfilters #powermesh

🕹 MOCHA трекинг за 1 минуту 🖥


💡 В этом видео покажу эффект Mocha без лишней воды как прикрепить 1 объект к другому и это будет выглядеть круто ! 📸 Мой Instagram 📲 🤍 Телеграм 🤍 Телеграм 🤍 💪 ПОДДЕРЖАТЬ КАНАЛ 🤑 🤍 Музыка из моих видео 🎷 🎺 🎸 🎻 🎤 🎧 🎼 🎹 Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound" 🤍 #MOCHA #видеомонтаж #Aftereffects 🌐 БИТКОИНЫ БЕСПЛАТНО! 🤍

How to Add Realistic Tattoos to Skin with Mocha Pro in Adobe After Effects


Now 15% off ongoing! Take 15% off Mocha Pro, my fav tracking plugin. Go to 🤍 and use my discount code: premieregal-mocha2022 ABOUT TUTORIAL In Mocha Pro 2022 there is a new power mesh feature that makes it so easy to blend in graphics into any surface, like skin. This makes for a really cool way to add tattoos onto skin! You can use Mocha Pro in nearly any application, but in this video Premiere Gal will be using After Effects because of the multi-frame rendering speed. ➜ Try Adobe Premiere Pro with Gal's link: 🤍 ➜ Download Project Demo Files (Patrons Only): 🤍 If you want to license & use the demo footage in your own projects, here they are: ✅ Muscle Flex Video: 🤍 ✅ Boho Skull Tattoo: 🤍 ✅ Music tracks "Lax Superlative" and "Made it to Carrollton" from from Epidemic Sound: 🤍 TIMECODE CHAPTERS 0:00 Intro to Mocha Pro & Power Mesh 0:46 Types of Software you can use 1:04 Setting up the comp & effect 1:35 Opening up Mocha Pro 1:55 Creating our Track Area 2:48 More About Mocha & Discount 3:25 Adding in the Tattoo Insert 4:55 Blend Modes & Realistic Effects 7:30 Final Effect & Conclusion MORE FROM GAL ➡️ Join the newsletter for updates: 🤍 🎥 Register for Live Editing workshops with Premiere Gal: 🤍 ✅ Gal's Templates & Presets: 🤍 ✋Become a Gal Patreon Member: 🤍 💯 Gal's Gear & Discounts: 🤍 MORE FOOTAGE, VFX, & SFX USED IN VIDEO ✅ Envato Elements: 🤍 (70% off your first month) ✅ AeJuice : 🤍 ✅ Motioncan: 🤍 ✅ Film Impact Transitions 🤍 (10% off, enter code: PREMIEREGAL10 FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL ➜ 🤍 ➜ 🤍 ➜ 🤍 Website ➜ 🤍 For sponsors: contact🤍 Affiliate Disclaimer: Some of these links in this description are affiliate links. I'll earn a small commission if you make a purchase and it's no additional cost to you. #tattoo #mochapro #aftereffects

Mocha Pro: Rendering Mega Plates for Paint and Compositing


Work on the whole scene, not just a single frame! In this basic tutorial, Mocha Product Manager Martin Brennand takes you through building a full Mega Plate from tracked foreground elements. The plate can then be painted or adjusted and then composited into place, combing all the data you created in the process. Learn more about Mocha Pro & download a free trial: 🤍

Mocha Pro: The Stabilize Module


Mocha Pro features a powerful Stabilization Module that can be used to reduce shaky camera footage, smooth motion, or even lockdown a select moving object. In this tutorial, Boris FX Senior Product Specialist shows how the Mocha Pro plugin can be used for stabilization in Foundry NUKE. The same concepts and techniques will also work in other hoist workflows including Adobe AE + Premiere, Avid Media Composer, Blackmagic Fusion, and more. Learn about Mocha Pro at 🤍

Boris FX Mocha 2022 - New Insert Module with PowerMesh Tracking


Mocha Pro 2022 has an improved Insert Module that can be driven by PowerMesh tracking for a new streamlined workflow that simplifies screen inserts, match moves, logo tracking, and even digital makeup. Features: ● Grid Warp interface for bending and distorting insert layer. ● 12 Composite/Blend modes ● PowerMesh driven warping to marry inserts to organic objects like faces and skin. ● Now mesh tracking can be rendered with motion blur. ● Improved sub-sampling render quality and motion blur. New workflow brings tracked insert compositing to editing hosts like Premiere, VEGAS, and Media Composer. Finish simple match moves in one AE effect without precomps! Learn more about Mocha Pro 2022 & download a free trial: 🤍 #borisfx #mochapro #motiontracking

Mocha Pro 2021: Intro to PowerMesh Warp Tracking


New in Mocha Pro 2021! PowerMesh tracking and warping workflow. The next evolution of Mocha. PowerMesh enables a powerful new sub-planar tracking engine for VFX, roto, and stabilization. Warped surface tracking and roto that sticks. Track complex organic surfaces through occlusions and blur using Mocha’s intuitive layer-based interface. Simple to use and faster than most optical flow based techniques. Apply to source files for realistic match moves, convert to AE Nulls to drive motion graphics, render a mesh warped stabilize/reverse stabilize plate for compositing, or export dense tracking data to host applications. Update Tech Note Dec 9, 2020: Mocha Pro v2021.01 point release is now available and contains some useful new features and important fixes. Read release notes: 🤍 Learn about Mocha Pro 2021: 🤍 Quick links: 0:00 - Intro 0:32 - PowerMesh basics 6:59 - PowerMesh driven rotoscoping 8:39 - PowerMesh driven stabilization

Mocha Pro: Removing Objects inside Premiere Pro


Learn how to digitally remove a tattoo or unwanted object inside Adobe Premiere Pro with the Mocha Pro plugin from Boris FX. Product specialist, Mary Poplin shows how video editors can remove unwanted objects (like tattoos) without jumping over to After Effects! Mocha Pro's powerful Remove Module combined with Adobe Photoshop can simplify this common digital makeup challenge in post-production. The object to remove is tracked with Mocha's planar tracker and the clean frame is linked in the Remove Module to seamlessly match lighting and color changes. Learn more about Mocha Pro: 🤍

Mocha Pro Edge Snapping & Magnetic Splines - Rotoscoping Tutorial


NEW Boris FX DISCOUNT CODES: 🤍 15% OFF Mocha Pro w/ Code surfaced-mocha22: 🤍 TIME STAMPS 0:00 Introduction 1:41 Rotoscoping Fundamentals & Challenges 4:02 Mocha Pro Setup 5:04 Magnetic Layer & Freehand Tools 7:40 Edge Snapping Want to follow along? 🤍 Mocha Pro from BorisFX is an academy award winning planar tracker. You can use it to track and insert new images or videos into your footage. You can use it to remove people from moving shots. And you can use it for rotoscoping work :D With version 2019.5 Mocha Pro has added some exciting new features that I want to show you in this tutorial. Magnetic Layer Tool - Create a new spline quickly using the magnetic layer tool to easily trace the outline of your subject. Freehand Tool - Easily switch to the Freehand tool to draw any shape you want. Mocha Pro will convert the path to a spline for you automatically. Edge Snapping - Automatically snap the points of your spline to the nearest identifiable edge. All comments and feedback welcome :) #SurfacedStudio #MochaPro - LIKE TO SUPPORT ME? (Affiliate Links :) - PATREON - 🤍 MERCH - 🤍 MY GEAR - 🤍 ADOBE CREATIVE CLOUD - 🤍 HITFILM - 🤍 - FOLLOW ME - WEBSITE - 🤍 YOUTUBE - 🤍 FACEBOOK - 🤍 TWITTER - 🤍 INSTAGRAM - 🤍 Video & Music - Copyright © 2019 Surfaced Studio

Introduction to Mocha Pro 2021 (English Tutorial)


In this tutorial I introduce you to the new Mocha Pro 2021, we will see the new features and will focus on the power mesh tool into After Effects and Nuke using the alembic workflow. Get a 15% discount on any Boris FX product using my code: "nachohoyos" here 🤍 More info here: 🤍 Plug-in Adobe (supports Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro), Avid (supports Avid Media Composer), OFX (supports Nuke, Fusion, VEGAS Pro & HitFilm), Multi-Host Plug-in (supports Adobe/Avid/OFX). 🤍 #Nuke #MochaPro #VFX #AfterEffects

Mocha Pro 2022 :- Intro to Power Mesh Warp Tracking Tutorial


Please watch: "Nuke Tutorial:- Fire Compositing Tutorial | Making a Realistic Fire glow in Nuke" 🤍 ~ click for subscribing 🤍 Intro to Power Mesh Warp Tracking Tutorial. New in Mocha Pro 2022! PowerMesh tracking and warping workflow. The next evolution of Mocha. footage link _ 🤍 .................................................................................................................................... Nuke - tutorial playlist 👇 🤍 .................................................................................................................................... After effect - tutorial playlist 👇 🤍 .................................................................................................................................... Mocha pro - tutorial playlist 👇 🤍 .................................................................................................................................... PF track - tutorial playlist 👇 🤍 .................................................................................................................................... Photoshop - tutorial playlist👇 🤍 🤍 .................................................................................................................................... C4D - tutorial playlist👇 🤍 .................................................................................................................................... #EkkaFx #MochaPro2022 flow me on 👇 FB Page :- 🤍 Instagram :- 🤍

Mocha Pro: Rotoscoping with PowerMesh


Mocha Pro's PowerMesh is for more than insert and paint, it also is a powerful ally when rotoscoping. Boris FX Senior Product Specialist, Mary Poplin, walks you through how to leverage PowerMesh to save even more time when rotoscoping subplanar motion all in one shape. In this example, Mary is applying detailed color to a line art tattoo in After Effects, however, the same technique could be used in any host that supports roto shapes and colorization with blending modes, like Nuke, Fusion, and more. Learn more about Mocha Pro & download a free trial: 🤍

New Silhouette + Mocha Pro bundle from Boris FX


Silhouette 2020 now features a Mocha Pro bundle option for even more planar tracking and VFX capability! The Mocha Pro plug-in runs inside of Silhouette and adds complementary workflows for lens correction, screen inserts, object removal, 360/VR and more. Silhouette users can now upgrade to version 2020 and add the Mocha Pro option at significant savings. Features: Lens calibration module for undistort/distort roto and paint workflow GPU accelerated object removal New Mega Plate extended plate generation tool Insert compositing with AdjustTrack Award-winning stereo 360/VR tools Export track and shape data between Silhouette and Mocha Pro Learn more about Silhouette: 🤍 Learn more about Mocha Pro: 🤍

Boris FX Mocha Pro 2021 : What's New


Now Available! Mocha Pro 2021 for Adobe, Avid, supported OFX hosts and as a standalone application. Mocha Pro 2021 sees some huge new features plus big improvements to other tools. Highlights include: ● PowerMesh - Mocha’s award-winning planar tracking now handles warped and organic surfaces with blazing speed and accuracy. New PowerMesh sub-surface tracking efficiently drives warp stabilization, mesh warped roto-splines, and much more. Export dense mesh tracking to many hosts with the new Alembic exporter or directly to After Effects nulls. ● AdjustTrack 2.0 - Improved track editing module takes the pain out of correcting the most difficult tracking shots. ● Python Scripting - Powerful Python Script Editor is now included in the Mocha Pro plugin for flexible custom development. ● Mocha Pro 2021 is a free update for customers on an active upgrade & support plan or subscription. Learn more about Mocha Pro 2021 & download a free trial: 🤍 This video contains shots from ● The Legend of Burnout Barry ● produced by LateNite Films (🤍

Mocha Pro: Enhance Backgrounds in After Effects with Mega Plates


In this in-depth VFX tutorial, Mary Poplin, focuses on Mocha Pro 2020's newest feature: Mega Plates and the Adobe After Effects workflow. Mary will show you how to planar motion track a scene, create an extra-large, stitched frame with the Mega Plate Module, remove foreground objects, and then export our tracking data to After Effects in a format that allows you to paint and work on the new Mega Plate. For specific steps to export tracking data for Mega Plate workflow in After Effects, please refer to the user guide here: 🤍 To learn more about Mocha Pro 2020, visit us at 🤍

How I Tracked this Impossible Footage Using Blender and Mocha Pro


In this Video I explain in brief of How I track a very tricky footage with very unconventional tricks and Tips. I hope you learn a valuable Lesson from here and Please Enjoy!! If your're using Blender for more than a Year and You already know pretty much all the technical Stuff but your render still sucks.. I can help you with that, Go to this link and Join my Private mentorship Programme. I will teach you Personally and I can Assured your render will be Improved. Join Here : 🤍 If you wanna practice the same... You can Download the Footage here 🤍

Boris FX Mocha Pro 2021: Improved AdjustTrack Module


New in Mocha Pro 2021, the AdjustTrack Module has been updated with many new improvements. Correcting slipping or drifting tracking errors is easier than ever before. Use dynamic offset adjustments to achieve perfect results on the most difficult tracking shots. Once limited to 4-point perspective fixes, AdjustTrack now includes all track parameters to be more effective in editing data — when objects go off-screen or become occluded by foreground objects. Learn more about Mocha Pro 2021: 🤍

Advanced Skin Retouch Power mesh - Mocha pro 2022


VIP-Invisible Foot Step | Ghost Step | After Effects | Tamil Tutorial 🤍 Remove a logo Cap After Effects | Tamil Tutorial #🤍 Automated Video Editing After Effects (save time) - Tamil Tutorial #🤍 How to Add Tattoo Mocha Pro 2020 | After Effects | Tamil Tutorial #🤍 "Theri"Movie Glass COLOR CHANGE தமிழ் (Aftereffects)TUTORIAL 🤍 Theri Movie Invisible to Visible After Effects 🤍

Davinci Resolve 16 Object Removal VS Mocha Pro


Davinci Resolve 16 Object Removal VS Mocha Pro GO CHECK THEM OUT!!!↓↓↓ ►ORIGAMI LUTS for BMPCC/URSA - 🤍 ►ORIGAMI LUT for RED - 🤍 ►FILMLUT for BMPCC/URSA - 🤍 ►FILMLUT for RED - 🤍 ►FALSE COLOR LUT - 🤍 ►BEST LUTS 🤍 Amazing & Affordable Music Platform 🤍 - FREE Color Grading Courses 🤍 - ►►►📸ALL MY GEAR & SETUP 🤍 - RAWFILM Stock Footage 🤍 - ►SOCIAL MEDIA STUFF↓↓↓ Facebook ► 🤍 Instagram► 🤍

Boris FX Tutorial - How to Create Clean Plate in Mocha Pro 2022 Erase Anything in Your Footage


► Please like this video and subscribe to our channel for more tutorials and comment if you have any questions. ►Mocha Pro Plugin: 🤍 15% OFF with( code: cmvega ) ► Boris FX Site for more details :🤍 ► Learn more about Mocha Pro 2022 & download a free trial: 🤍 ►Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy this video. #MochaPro #MochaProTutorials #borisfx #motiontracking #vfx #movie #motivation #viral #viralvideo #viralshorts #industrial #new #news

Replace screens in After Effects like a Pro - (Mocha Tracking Tutorial 2022)


Learn how to replace screens in After Effects and Mocha like a pro. Green screen replacement and tracking in one tutorial. Use it wisely! Don't go around replacing every girl's phone screen now. Have principles. Cinematic LUT Pack 2021: 🤍 DOWNLOAD my Animated Titles, Shapes, Social Icons, Transitions Pack for Premiere Pro: 🤍 Download the FREE Cinematic Export Settings Step-by-Step guide: 🤍 Color Correction: DOWNLOAD my FREE Teal and Orange Lut: 🤍 1 on 1 Personal Lessons - Beginner or Advanced lesson with me regarding Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, Videography, Business or else: 🤍 Hire my team and I on a project: 🤍 The gear I use: My Laptop: 🤍 Microphone: 🤍 Best Drone: 🤍 Favourite Camera: 🤍 ND Filters for Mavic 2: 🤍 DJI Camera Stabilizer: 🤍 Small Tripod: 🤍 Great lens: 🤍 Portable HDD for Editing: 🤍 Say hi on social: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Music from Epidemic Sound: 🤍 Chapters: 0:00 Important stuff 01:03 Tracking 05:15 Fixing a Bad Track 06:58 Saving the Track 07:35 After Effects Magic 09:39 Remove Green Screen 11:05 Changing the Image 🤍 #RadTodoroff #AfterEffects #Mocha

The Top 5 Things You Can Do With Mocha Pro


We've teamed up with the very talented Evan Abrams to bring you a special video. Get to grips with the extremely powerful mocha Pro in this detailed tutorial showing you the top 5 things you can do with it in After Effects or your favorite editing software. Learn how to use mocha to add and remove objects in a scene, replace screen contents, insert 3D elements into your footage and much more! Get mocha Pro here: 🤍 Check out Evan's channel here: 🤍

Power Mesh - Mocha Pro 2021 - After Effects (Em Português)


Power Mesh - Mocha Pro 2021 - After Effects - Primeiro Tutorial do Mesh em Português. Plugin de rastreamento. Mocha foi prestigiado com o Oscar e Emmy Awards pela contribuição para a indústria do cinema. Mocha Pro foi usado em sucessos como The Mandalorian, Stranger Things, Vingadores entre outros. 🤍 Músicas do tutorial 🤍

Hacer tracking básico en Mocha Pro y After Effects


Descargar material y Mocha: 🤍 Este tutorial hace parte de los cursos: Curso sobre Mocha Pro 2021 Lección 01 - Modulo 01 Descargar este curso completo en: 🤍 Haz todos estos tutoriales, haz las prácticas, súbelas a nuestra plataforma y obtendrás un certificado al finalizar el curso: Plataforma del curso (Información, lecciones y subir prácticas): 🤍 Información sobre acceso VIP: 🤍 Al acceder VIP hará parte de nuestro grupo privado en WhatsApp en el que podrá preguntar, compartir e interactuar con los demás estudiantes y el instructor. SÍGANOS EN INSTAGRAM: 🤍 🤍fredegapro EN FACEBOOK: 🤍

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